“The” Holy Space “of the 2nd National Assembly of the Greeks” with code GR-01724 in the electronic version of the Committee “Greece2021”

December 2021

The “Greece 2021” Committee was established by a decision of the Prime Minister in order to coordinate the formulation of the TITLE OF PROPOSAL TYPE OF ACTION anniversary program for the celebration of the 200 years after the Revolution of 1821.

To achieve its purpose, the Commission has chosen from the outset to extend an open invitation to all, so that everyone – body, club, organization, company, individual – can suggest how they want to celebrate this unique anniversary. The aim was for the National Program for the Celebration of the 200 years after the Revolution of 1821 to be formed by the society itself. At the same time, the Commission sought the greatest possible participation from all over Greece, as well as from Greeks abroad, but also from the friends of Greece, developing collaborations and mobilizing bodies of Local Government, the Greek Authorities abroad and Hellenes Abroad.

 He set the framework for the anniversary to be celebrated throughout the anniversary year 2021, and to propose actions and events that honor not only the Revolution of 1821 but the entire course of 200 years of modern Greece, as well as the Greeks who they left a strong mark on this process. In addition, in the same context, the Commission sought actions and events that would open up prospects, set goals for Greece’s future course and leave a legacy for the country.

For the submission of proposals, the Commission has developed a special electronic platform, easily accessible through its website. The platform started operating in December 2019 and remained open for submission of proposals until 31 July 2020. Due to the intense interest, the possibility of submitting proposals through a form for another month was given, as announced on the Commission’s website. Self-financed actions continued to be proposed to the Commission throughout 2021.

The response to the Commission’s call exceeded all expectations. A total of 1,827 proposals were submitted to the platform by a variety of bodies, organizations, institutions, companies and individuals, in Greece and abroad, in 47 countries on all five continents.

In order to honor and highlight the wide participation of society as a whole and of each individual, but also to leave a historical record for the future, the Commission presents this digital edition. The publication shall include basic information on the proposals submitted in response to a celebration set out by the Commission and for which the bodies and / or persons who submitted them agreed to be included.


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