“Dedicated to Thyreatis Land.”

Welcome to the historic Astros where in 1823 the Second National Assembly of the Greeks took place.

The historic Astros and Agios Ioannis (Agiannis) of Kynouria, Greece are one community.

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The historic Astros of Kynouria is located in the Eastern Peloponnese in the west beach of the Argolic gulf , where the above map shows the ancient city of Thyrea, south of the first city in Europe the historic Argos and the seat of the Mycenaean culture Mycenae.

Athens is from Astros 170 km, about two hours, the airport is about 200 km and Astros has the best and famous Attica climate.

Astros is very close to the most important Archaeological Sites and Museums of our country, which one day we should all visit, which are easily visited by many of our friends with day trips from Astros, when they choose Astros for the basis of their annual vacation.

a. Most important Archaeological Sites and Museums in Greece. Palamidi in Nafplio (33 km), Tyrinth 33 km, Mycenae (43 km), the Epidaurus Theater (70 km), Olympia (170 km), the Parthenon, the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum in Athens ( 170 km), Delphi (288 km) and Mystras (88 km).

b. We have with us easily accessible the “Aegean islands“

c. We have many historical and traditional villages and our friends Tsakones who continue to speak ancient Greek.

The Thyreatis Land , where Astros is located 4 km from the beach and the magnificent Argolic gulf with many kms of spectacular beaches , “the sea ad the sun” .

“The sun and the sea” of the Argolic gulf .

The “Holy Space” of the Second National Assembly of the Greeks

“ At this place, the Second National Assembly of the Greeks convened, March 30 – April 18, 1823 “,

In Astros, in 1823 AD, the Second National Assembly of the Greeks convened, with the main purpose of the revision and modernization of the Constitution which had been voted in 1822 AD, during the First National Assembly in Epidaurus, for this and was named “Law of Epidaurus”. The country now has a final Charter, which regulates all matters related to the establishment and operation of the state, institutions and the army. The revised Constitution, extremely progressive and pioneering for its time. The Assembly, in the model of the Constitutions of the French Revolution of 1789 AD, also drafted the “Declaration of the NW of the Greek Assembly”. The assembly responded with the proclamation, to the world and the greats of the time. “We are determined to become independent, as an autonomous and independent nation.” a little topical today…

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The Thyretis Land where is Astros located between Sparta and Argos

Thucydides 2.27.1,2] “In the same summer, the Athenians displaced all the inhabitants of Aegina, men, women and children…. They did it out of hatred against the Athenians and because the Aeginians had helped them when the great earthquake had taken place and when the Helots had revolted. Thyreatis land is located on the border of Argeia land and Laconian and reaches the sea. “Some of the Aeginians settled there and the others scattered all over Greece.” / John Koutogiorgas “Αφιερώνεται στη Θυρεάτιδα Γή. Dedicated to Thyreatis Land.”