The historic Agios Ioannis (Agiannis) of Kynouria.

Agios Ioannis (Agiannis) of Kynouria, was the capital of the Greek state in 1822 and offered many and important things in the revolution of 1821.

The historic Astros and Agios Ioannis (Agiannis) are a community.

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The historic Agios Ioannis (Agiannis) of Kynouria.

“We are close to everything and we have it all.”

Sights in Agiannis Kynourias- Let’s go for a walk in the village

The abundant icy water of Prodromos in Agiannis “comes through the church”.

The waterfalls of Lepida: Near Agios Ioannis (Agiannis) and Platanos Kynouria

Agios Ioannis (Agiannis) and Astros Kynourias: History, Proestoi, Mansions & Churches

The School of Karytsiotis

”Greece 2021″: Agios Ioannis (Agiannis) of Kynouria, was the capital of the Greek state in 1822 v

Our castles: Estella Castle (in Agiannis) and Paralio Astros Castle

The historic Astros of Kynourias

History of the Municipality of North Kynouria

The cultural center and folklore museum of Agios Ioannis (Agiannis) Kynouria –

The historic church of Agios Georgios in Agios Ioannis (Agiannis) Kynouria –

The majestic church of Agios Ioannis Prodromos in Agios Ioannis (Agiannis) Kynouria –

Stories from Agiannis – / John Koutogiorgas

Some view of Agiannis from Kalogerovouni Dedicated to Thyreatis Land.” 


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