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Welcome to

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In the home page you will find the contents in the categories that you are inerest.

With the encouragement and indirect help of our fellow citizens we created  https://astrosgr.com/    & https://astrosgr.com/astrosgr-com-en/  a reference point for Astros Greece, Thyreatis Land (Thyrea), the neighboring villages and the Municipality of North Kynouria, which evolve and are shaped every day, with the visit of thousands of our readers. We will constantly add interesting topics to keep you better informed.

Please say “something nice”😊 to your friends.

We can all do better. Thank you, be well

astrosgr.com/en / John Koutogiorgas

Below are the main categories , see the details and topics when you open the links.

The contents and categories https://astrosgr.com/astrosgr-com-en/

astrosgr.com/en / John Koutogiorgas

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astrosgr.com “Αφιερώνεται στη Θυρεάτιδα Γή.

astrosgr.com/en Dedicated to Thyreatis Land.” 


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