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To start off the Greece2021 section on this website, we first would like to tell you about the important roles that Astros, Kynourias Agiannis and other places in the area played in the War of Independence, for which we are now celebrating the 200 anniversary or bicentennial.

The plaque shown below was placed on the wall of the “Holly Space” at Astros in 1899, to commemorate the location of the Second National Assembly of the Greeks which took place here from the 30th of March to April 18, 1923.

” In this location, the Second National Assembly of the Greeks took place on March 30, 18 April 1823″

The “Holy Space” of the Second National Assembly of the Greeks is undoubtedly one of the most important historical monuments of the 1821 revolution, not only for Kynouria but also for the Greek homeland, that so many heroes fought to free from the shackles of the Ottoman empire.

Landmarks of 1821- The historic Astros of Kynouria

Astros and its surroundings are widely know because of the Second National Assembly taking place here. But there are still a lot of people who still don’t know its significance in the revolutionary war, and its role in the the subsequent formation of the modern Greek state.

One of our goals with is to use it as an outlet to share more knowledge and information about the significance of the Second National Assembly of the Greeks in Astros. Aslo for the improvement and acknowledgement of significant things that have bee overlooked or ignored

To that end we’ve done some significant outreach to the authorities over the last years and could use your help in to promote our history.


“Greece 2021”
We are pleased to announce “The” Holy Space “of the 2nd National Assembly of the Greeks” and code GR-01724, IT IS HERE IN FRONT OF US

Dear Mr. Kourogiorgas,

We are  pleased to confirm that we have received your proposal entitled "The"  Holy Space "of the 2nd National Assembly of the Greeks" and code  GR-01724, which we intend to include in a special edition that we are  preparing and will include a description of all the proposals identified  with the four axes of the Commission and which contribute to this  common national undertaking on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of  the Revolution of 1821.

Your written consent for this publication, as provided in the current legislation, will be requested in the second year.
With  regard to the possibility of the Commission supporting your proposal,  we will contact you shortly after the final plenary session and the  Commission's assessment of the financial means available.
Thank you very much for your participation in the national call.

Yours sincerely, Eleni Kyprioti
Responsible for Managing Platform  Proposals Greece 2021 Committee T: 7002021000, 216000400

We have proposed to our municipality, to all those responsible for the “Greece 2021” committee and to the common mind, the four topics of the Thyrea that undoubtedly played a catalytic importance for the organization and success of the liberation struggle.

These and other things the common mind tells us we must always distinguish and promote in local, regional and national space, and in the website of our municipality and in the anniversary events for the celebration of the 200 years of the Greek Revolution

  1. The “Holy Space” of the Second National Assembly of the Greeks

The Archaeological Museum of Astros and the “Sacred Space” of the Second National Assembly of the Greeks are modest and imposing, they are “museums” in themselves.

The assembly responded with the proclamation, to the world and the greats of the time. “We are determined to become independent, as an autonomous and independent nation.” a little topical today…

The indigenous Pelasgians had a golden rule that for millennia until today the inhabitants of Thyrea faithfully applied, mutual respect, consensus, conciliation and the Greek measure. The “squid” Astrinos, faithful to the tradition of millennia of people of the Greek measure and national reconciliation, were called at that time by the nation to compromise the warring camps for a national dialogue and achieved it with results, under the influence and leadership of Agianitis, responsible for military security in time of war of the National Assembly, Panos Zafeiropoulos or Akouros. Astros was chosen for the National Assembly, because in Astros there were many squids and it was undoubtedly a place of common acceptance and would better help the nation.

The Archeological Agency in 1899 built the inscription on the site and the locals after the end of the Second “National Assembly” named the site “Sacred Space”, out of obvious respect, for the great contribution it offered to the Greek Nation. Here, for exaggeration, the “sanctuary” does not have a religious meaning but a National meaning, the place was recognized by the inhabitants as very important, as a “Holy Place”.
The decisions of the National Assembly were very important for the establishment and organization of the Greek State.

2) The Karytsiotis School of Agiannis

From the same sigil of 1638 we are informed that Agiannis became a patriarchal exarchate “for the sake of course of the School of Agios Ioannis, operating much older”. According to this passage, a school operated in Agios Ioannis, long before 1638. In Agios Ioannis, there were also “inferior” schools, such as that of Papakyriakos and secret schools, initially in the Metochi of the Loukous Monastery, Agios Dimitrios and later in the narthexes of the churches of the village.
The people of Agianni never really surrendered to the conquerors and as a proof of their way they managed to keep their schools open throughout the Turkish rule and kept the flame of the nation secretly and openly awaited.

Our great benefactor Dimitrios Karytsiotis <1741-1819> was born in Agios Ioannis and according to the Agianniti tradition, he left “with a tsarouchi”. in which young people from Agios Ioannis, from all over mainland Greece and our islands studied and in 1805 he built the branch of the School of Agios Ioannis in Astros.
The Karytsioti school played a primary and decisive role for Agiannis to become the capital of revolutionary Greece, from August 15 to October 1, 1822 and to hold the Second National Assembly of the Greeks in Astros in 1823. The “government” which is very close in the school of Karytsiotis of Agiannis was the seat of government. Astros is mainly known in our homeland by all Greeks and to expatriates abroad by the Second National Assembly of the Greeks that took place in 1823, for which the whole world knows us. The “squid” Astrinos, from the squid they used to write in the famous School of Karytsioti, offered a lot to the homeland during those difficult moments for our nation when everything was hanging by a thread to drown the revolution in blood. But before the National Assembly, the catalytic construction of the Karytsiotis School had preceded.

3) Agios Ioannis (Agiannis) of Arcadia

From the beginning of the revolution in 1821 there were discussions between the protestors and the chiefs to become a government of the Greek revolutionaries that would be based in Agianni. Eventually the Karytsiotis school played a primary and decisive role in making Agiannis the capital of revolutionary Greece from August 15 to October 1, 1822. The “government” located very close to the Karytsiotis school of Agiannis was the seat of government. The loopholes under the windows of the building can be seen. Later in 1825 it was also unsuccessfully proposed that Agiannis become the seat of the Greek government again.

Panos (Akouros) Zafeiropoulos, is one of the most important, or rather the most important Agiannitis before the revolution of 1821 and his contribution to Thyreatida Earth and his homeland is incalculable and passed in the fine print of history, it is not mentioned in the history books and is strangely unknown for its great offers in our homeland.

4) The “camp of the Bervena”

The battle of May 18, 1821 in historic Vervena and historic Doliana thwarted the dismantling of the camp in Vervena and the plan of the Turks. It also boosted the morale of the revolutionaries and paved the way for the fall of Tripoli. Undoubtedly the “Bervena camp” played a catalytic role in the organization and success of the liberation struggle.
From the “camp of the historical Bervena” the liberation of our homeland began essentially and militarily.
These are a few things about our heroic ancestors, but let’s get to today.

“To realize where we are and to decide where we want to go.” the president of the Committee tells us “Greece 2021 ″ Mrs. Gianna Angelopoulou.” The future is decided today – shaped by the actions of all of us in the present. We all need to be present tomorrow. Only words are not enough for that. Progress requires both effort and manner. He wants the body and the mind to work. The challenges of the future are already here… ” The pretext of the “crack” and the trap of another study (mercy now with the innumerable studies….) Of the pretext of the “static adequacy” of the building of the Archaeological Museum of Astros will not pass in the end, the local community has the first say and the competent eventually they will understand and listen to us, everyone must take on the responsibilities of today…. “Only words are not enough for that.”

“The Holy Space” of the 2nd National Assembly of the Greeks, the courtyard of the school and the Karytsioti School is modest and imposing, it is a “museum” in itself. Marbles and monuments are important and are present in all museums. We have more than monuments this wonderful modest and imposing space, WHICH IS A MUSEUM ON ITSELF, tied to our modern history which not many have. We will open our museum soon.

We have proposed to our municipality, to all those responsible, to the committee “Greece 2021” and to the common mind, the five issues of the Earth Thyreatis, which undoubtedly played a catalytic importance for the organization and success of the liberation struggle.

The most important topics we have in the Thyreatis  Earth and we must always distinguish and promote in the anniversary events of 1821.

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