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From Astros at a distance of about 67 km is the holy monastery of Elona, ​​which as a symbol of Tsakonia is hung and inaccessible on the red rock.

In the route of Astros Leonidio there are many enchanting beaches that “the sun and the sea of ​​the Argolic” are in their greatness.

From Astros Leonidio is at a distance of about 50 km. Argolikos and its enchanting beaches, “as if you were going there”.

Sampatiki beach.

The “sun and the sea”, and the many beaches of the Argolic are enchanting. It is no coincidence that the locals out of admiration for the beaches of the Argolic, briefly let the visitor see with his own eyes and draw his own conclusions, “as you go there” you will see and enjoy the magic of nature… .. We do not need to tell you about the beauty of the Argolic. This is what our ancestors used to say about the enchanting beach of Sampatiki, which took its name from the admiration of the locals… “as if you were going there”. There are many enchanting beaches and we will visit them in order.

From the “Mount Parnon and Moustos Wetland Management Agency, 2015. Guide for the protected area of ​​Mount Parnon and Moustos Wetland. Nature, Culture, Ecotourism. Astros of Arcadia “.

The Tsakonian dialect of Leonidio, Pragmatefti, Melana, Tyros, Sapounakeika, Agios Andreas, Prasto, Sitaina, Kastanitsa is spoken. Settlements: Sampatiki, Livadi, Vaskina, Paliochora, Agios Panteleimonas (Bubble), Dernikeika


The Tsakonian dialect

The Tsakonian dialect, the Tsakonian dance, the costume, the customs and traditions of the Tsakonians, are another dynamic of the Parnon area. According to the “Chronicle of Monemvasia”: “And the prefectures and peasants of Thremte were settled in the rugged places adjacent to it, and finally the jaconia were named”. The Tsakones, as true descendants of the Dorians, kept their roots intact and the Tsakonian language is still the living expression of the Doric dialect. In the cradle of Tsakonia, today insists on walking and creating in the footsteps of yesterday in a perpetual and uninterrupted breath of Greece. The special linguistic treasure of our place. The Tsakonian dialect has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and is recognized as a cultural achievement and a unique treasure trove of culture. The language was preserved genuine and unadulterated in the mouths of ordinary people, peasants, shepherds and farmers. In the wishes, in the greetings, in the curses, in the everyday expressions, in the teasing and the jokes, there is for centuries now the linguistic treasure of the Tsakonians. In this special part of the Greek land called Tsakonia (the cradle of Tsakonia was Prastos, Kastanitsa and Sitaina), in these rugged places, the inhabitants of the area, with few means, not only survived, but left behind a valuable heritage, the Tsakonian tradition, the beautiful language, the unique evocative Tsakonian dance, the Tsakonian songs, the weaving art, their habits, what we call today customs and traditions. All this composes the identity of the place with a living language that is in the hands of the Tsakonians, but also of all Hellenism, to embrace it and protect it from oblivion

The topics  that we will try to cover later as best we can are the following.

“We owe it to Tsakonia.” –


Villages of Tsakonia –

Sampatiki beach and Argolikos, “if you were going there”. For more details open the link

The Holy Monastery of Panagia Eloni or Elona

 Tsakonian Language

The Tsakonian Tradition is rich such as the

The Tsakonian textile

From the “Mount Parnon and Moustos Wetland Management Agency, 2015. Guide for the protected area of ​​Mount Parnon and Moustos Wetland. Nature, Culture, Ecotourism. Astros of Arcadia “. In Leonidio, the pioneer of weaving was Polyxeni Dounia, the genus Lyonta (1841-1911), wife of Theodoros Ioannis Dounias (1822-1901), who had learned the art in Aydin, Asia … Continue reading“The Tsakonian textile”

by Γιάννης ΚουρόγιωργαςSeptember 6, 2022

Tsakonian Costumes

The jumpsuit is the traditional women’s costume of the wider area of ​​Tsakonia. In the past, the nobility of Prastos, the first Tsakonian capital, used to wear the jumbe as a sign of economic surface and superior origin. This costume, which was used as a wedding dress, was characterized by Doric simplicity. Free from gold … Continue reading“Tsakonian Costumes”

by Γιάννης ΚουρόγιωργαςSeptember 6, 2022

The Tsakonian dance

From the Tsakonia Archive Tsakonian dance is a music and dance event, characterized by spiral and snake formations and is an element-symbol of the cultural identity of Tsakoni. It is a heavy and majestic dance, characterized by the locals as “humble”, “serious”, “strict”, “austere” and “restrained”. It is the dance with which the festivities close, … Continue reading“The Tsakonian dance”

by Γιάννης ΚουρόγιωργαςSeptember 6, 2022

the Tsakonian Gastronomy,

and many more.

Tsakonian texts

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We cite our printed sources. We do not mention the friends from the internet who are the brave “soldiers and guards of Tsakonia”, every day they offer a lot without expecting personal rewards and they do this “all for Tsakonia”. If we are asked in writing we will mention the names of our sources from the internet or if requested in writing we will still download the relevant posts when we verify it. The “Tsakones” page is dedicated to Tsakonia. The users of the website agree with the above when they open the website or otherwise communicate in writing.

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Municipality of South Kynouria


The “Tsakoni Archive is based in Leonidio


Αρχική – Tsakonian Archives

Στο Λεωνίδιο έχει την έδρα του το “Αρχείον Τσακωνι

Short grammar of the Tsakonian Dialect

Dictionary of the Tsakonian Dialect

The flora of Tsakonia…/…

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