Zavitsa is our mountain that we all have to climb sooner or later.

It is time to decide to go up to Zavitsa to see the world better, with our own eyes. The view from Zavitsa is wonderful and is waiting for us to enjoy it.

Zavitsa is our mountain that we all have to climb sooner or later to be able to gaze at the view and see the world with a different eye. There are people beyond Zavitsa, who can teach us a lot.

Zavitsa is a great physical and mainly spiritual obstacle that we must soon overcome. The unknown frightens us all, we do not know what obstacles and dangers we will find in front of us. When we start trying to get out of our little world, the world of convenience, the world that the authorities tell us “we are as good as we are”, we are afraid. They like it and above all it serves them, to listen to them meekly and to do what they tell us. Let’s say it was written by the “newspapers”, it was also said by “the television” (or the idiot box as our elders call it), I saw it on the “internet” the younger ones say, all this is correct as some literate people serve it to us good volunteers ”. They tell us cleverly that we do not need to think again and it is still wrong to ask questions or to take public positions, to question their “powers”.

Our tradition, manners and customs are indisputable values ​​that have been tried for thousands of years and we must respect and follow them. They are like the old tiles of our old houses that will never be damaged by any glacier, as is usually the case with all the new things that spoil quickly, because deliberately modern businessmen now make them fake, so that we can quickly get new ones and earn more. We are not talking about them.

We talk about the new ideas that are served to us every day by all the well-meaning volunteers who tear up to help us and voluntarily offer with a smile to still think about us, and all this they do for a simple reason their own interest, that’s why they smile, their joy it is not hidden.

It is time to decide to go up to Zavitsa to see the world better, with our own eyes. It is time to walk uphill and overcome the small obstacles that we will find in front of us. It is time to say we are free from everything, it is time to see everything with our own eyes and understand them as we can, we no longer need the well-meaning “experts” to explain anything to us, we have had enough, they have saved us enough, we have understood now because they smile non-stop where they pose incessantly.

The revolution of 1821 after four hundred years of slavery and darkness, a unique phenomenon in world history, took place because there were still people like Kolokotronis or Papaflessas, who not only set us free, but left us legacies that we must remain free even today.

Papaflessas was sent by the Friendly Society to the Peloponnese to observe if there were conditions for the revolution to begin. When he met the enslaved Greeks he called them. What are you still waiting for, alas if you are late, the revolution has started in Odessa and we will soon enter Istanbul. When he returned to Odessa to tell his partners what he saw in the Peloponnese, he told them, “What are you waiting for? Woe to you if you are late.

When the revolution in the second year showed the difficulties that existed, our English friends sent an admiral to reconcile the wars. The admiral met the old man of Moria in Nafplio and asked him to reconcile with the Turkish conquerors and the old man of Moria .

– We never surrendered, we fought the Turkish conquerors non-stop for four hundred years in the plains and mountains, and to better understand the admiral continued. Fire and ax to the collaborators of the conquerors. The admiral understood well and the meeting ended quickly.

We still have many difficulties today. We alone will decide like Papaflessas to become masters in our place, let us not wait for the sharks to decide for us, and like Kolokotronis we know the difficulties we will all never surrender to anyone. We will not eat, nor will we accept without protest, the unjustified decisions of all kinds of managers and we will take back what belongs to us. We will take matters into our own hands, no one else will do it for us.

From now on we will decide whether to buy Mercedes for show with loans or because “everyone has it”, or we will keep our bike or donkey to cross five minutes later. We will decide what the “competent managers” will do and what our representatives will say.

We will not sell out, nor will we give it our all for a handful of euros, for a chair or a bite of bread.

Once we have made that decision, from now on we will think about what all the well-meaning volunteers, the “idiots”, our politicians, the “competent managers” of our plots are telling us. We will decide what to do about everything.

There are people beyond Zavitsa who can teach us a lot. Zavitsa is our mountain that we all have to climb sooner or later, to see the world better, with our own eyes. / John Koutogiorgas

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