The end of the American Empire and the disgrace of the Latins.

 The fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans in 1453 was described as “the disgrace of the Latins” and is relevant today for many reasons.

The events in Afghanistan concern us and will affect us directly. We have recently read many analyzes and many books are being prepared in the press at this time for the beginning of the end of American hegemony. It is to this day the unwritten law of history, empires finally fall to come new. It is also true that when empires fall, times are difficult and dangerous.

Undoubtedly, American policy has “deliberately” failed for the last fifty years, as far as third parties are concerned, because the goal of the Americans was not to save the peoples and the world but to look after their own “national interest”. in the former Persia (which became Iran), in Iraq, in Libya, in Africa, in Syria, in Afghanistan. They failed abroad because they embraced Orwell’s prophecy that “war is uninterrupted” continues and must continue.

America is currently being challenged abroad but the biggest problem is that it is being challenged mainly at home. The institutions of the American nation are being challenged by the American people. America abroad is blamed for interfering in the internal affairs of others and also at the same time unfortunately it is blamed by the same critics for not intervening.

We will not guess here the exact date for the end of American hegemony. Our subject is the East and the barbarians.

The “Latins” or the “West” today start from Moscow, Berlin, Paris, London and reach as far as New York and Los Angeles.

The fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans in 1453 was described as “the disgrace of the Latins”. The Ottomans, undisturbed by the civil wars between the Praetorian emperors, began their own grand plan to take the city, which had begun before 1204 and was completed almost 300 years later, something the Latins of disgrace do not understand today.

America has failed in Afghanistan, (because it intervenes or does not intervene), but the “West” and the great Europe of “letters and culture” are strangely silent and tolerate today’s barbarians, with all the consequences for humanity and world culture. Words are not enough, it is required concrete actions.

The “marbled King” emperor Constantine Paleologos exclaimed loudly before his impending death.

 “Does not exist a Christians to take my head from me?”

On May 29, 1453 “Polis Ealo”, but fortunately the war by a few fanatics continues today, let our friends in the “west” wake up one day to avoid their own fall and the second and last disgrace of the Latins.

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On May 29, 1453 “Polis Ealo”, but the war continues today.

On May 29, 1453 “Polis Ealo”, but the war continues today.

In the map above Byzantine Empire 555 a.d. / John Koutogiorgas

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