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Activities – Events

For visitors, Kynouria has a number of activities depending on the mood and… physical endurance! Of course in summer the beaches of the area are full of life and invite the visitor to enjoy them. Portes, Atsiganos, Anavalos, Xiropigado, Heronissi, Arkadiko village and Kryoneri, are just some of the options we suggest! Those who wish to explore the beautiful waters of the area, can dive in the Arcadian village, Xiropigado and Paralio Astros.

For adventure lovers there is the possibility of canyoning in the Lepida gorge where the impressive waterfalls dominate, as well as downhill programs by experienced groups in the area of ​​Parnonas. Also, every year a cycling tour, triathlon (with the possibility of participating in running, cycling and swimming competitions) as well as beach volleyball tournaments in Astros are organized. Interesting are the hiking tours on the paths of Parnon and on routes such as Herod Atticus – Loukos – Elliniko Villa, as well as the visit to places of incomparable natural beauty such as the wetland of Lake Moustos, the cedar forest of Malegos Monastery and Kougpos the waterfalls of Lepida and Nymphs.

During the summer months mainly, many cultural events take place. An exceptional event is the day of Psaria or Trata and the Nautical Week which take place in rotation either in Paralio Astros or in Leonidio. We must make a special mention of the events of the Zafeiris Foundation in Astros, which range from film festivals of interest to theatrical and musical performances, but also of the rich cultural summer of Astros with concerts and performances. In Kastanitsa, every last weekend, every October, the chestnut festival is organized, which was established in 1983 and since then has been a pole of attraction for thousands of visitors. In the village of Platanos are organized in August the feasts of Waters, Moons and Loves while the Feast of the Cherry is also important which is organized at the end of each May. The anniversary of the 2nd National Assembly is celebrated with special splendor every year on the first Friday after Easter in Astros. A carnival with a parade of chariots and carnival groups is organized every year on Halloween in Agios Andreas, while a well-known custom is the celebration of Easter with balloons. At the end of June or the beginning of July, the Cultural Association organizes the cultural events “Herodeia” at the archeological site of Eva, while at the end of May the representation of the historic victorious battle against the Turks takes place. In Agios Petros during the second fortnight of August take place the “Tania”, cultural events with many exhibitions, tributes and music nights.

Also, many festivals are organized in religious festivals inviting locals and foreigners to celebration and dance (Astros: three-day festival (of the Ascension), Ano Vervena and Platanos: July 25 (Agia Anna), Kastanitsa: 5-6 August (Metamos) traditional municipal festival in Prastos: September 5-6, Agios Andreas: May 21 (for the patrons Agios Konstantinos and Agia Eleni), Korakovouni: February 10 (Agios Charalambos), Meligou: January 7 (Agios Ioannis Prodromos), Agios Petros : June 29 (for the Patron Saint St.) May 7 (St. Nile) and near the area on July 20 on the plateau of Parnon (Prophet Elias), Kastri: May 8 (St. Nicholas) and July 27 (St. Panteleimon) ).

Finally, for visitors with religious and pilgrimage tourism interests in the area, there are many monasteries worth visiting (Holy Monastery of Panagia Malevi, Panagia Orthokosta (Artokosta), Loukos Monastery, Timiou Prodromou Monastery, etc.).


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