Words fly, writings remain” and the Business Program of our municipality

You can not manage what you do not count” Peter Drucke

The Romans are known to the world for Roman Law. The Greeks discovered it and said it all, but first of all law is the boast of the Romans.

The Romans said. Verba volant, scripta manent

 “Words fly, writing stays”

The meaning is that spoken words can be easily forgotten, but written words are always there for proof.

But literally the actual impact and results from the written texts are significant. It is an indisputable fact that writing improves our thinking, ultimately makes us better and more effective.

It is no coincidence that advanced companies in the west no longer use phones between associates and team members, they used to call them employees, they are old obsolete tools in the history lockers and they just don’t have phones, you read correctly, they don’t have phones. Communications between partners are done in writing and electronically and there is continuity with customers leaving messages on the machines, sending orders electronically and to our personal grandchildren sending us thousands of text messages for everything …., a new brave world. ….

We welcome the Business Plan 2020-2024 of our municipality. Eventually we will all benefit, but first we must learn to make it better and above all to apply it CONFIDENTLY, and “to do what we say”.

It comes from welfare states that apply transparency to all. It is an institution in accordance with European and Greek legislation and has a great deal to do with NSRF funding, if you can do otherwise. Our Municipality is obliged to apply it “in written words” first and later with “works”. Its goal is, someday we must all learn to act according to the common mind and the obvious things we have agreed to be in order to be effective. In short “to do what we say”

Here we want to mention that 5-6 years ago we started in good faith to “record” and comment publicly on the issues that in the opinion of our local community we should “study” and correct and continue unabated with passion as best we can . The writings remain and will be in front of us every time.

We do not want to diminish, criticize or blame anyone. They are all our friends in the same boat. But always in good faith for our common interest “we will say the figs figs” and we will not change now. and sometimes “bitten black”.

For our well-known published reasons, let’s not say it all here, with passion and dedication we created our websites https://astrosgreece.gr and recently https://astrosgr.com/

 , who temporarily say almost the same but their goals are different and will evolve soon with the help of thousands of our visitors. We deposit, we count, we record, we study and we do not stop saying “the figs figs”.

We have recently and timely submitted our views on the “written” Business Program of our municipality and we call on our fellow citizens to actively participate. They know everyday life and problems better than anyone. And we all agree, “the writing stays, the words fly” and we will find everything in front of us.

From our municipality

“Our Municipality is moving forward with a plan and organization to be able to solve important problems in the area by utilizing all available sources of funding.

But above all with a vision for a Municipality:

• friendly to residents and attractive to visitors,

• with identity and respect for our cultural heritage,

• which utilizes its comparative advantages,

• which is a modern administrative, sports and spiritual center,

• which promotes dialogue, consensus and the synthesis of views “

Let us re-read something that is important in our opinion.

An introductory summary of the Operational Program contains the central objectives of the municipality concisely, specifically, sharply and clearly, for all to understand, our fellow citizens and especially the Board of Directors who should know when invited to vote (probably will not study 193 pages .. let’s be honest).

It is the job of our municipality to tell us what are the comparative advantages and characteristics of our municipality and it is obliged by law to record them briefly and in detail in the Operational Program 2020-2024

For example below we describe what a summary is.

“But above all with a vision for a Municipality:

• which utilizes its comparative advantages “.

• Our municipality “is close to everything and haswe are all “, the Argolic and our fantastic clean beaches, great history, many historical and archeological monuments, our mountains, our castles and our monasteries.

• The airport is 200 km away from Astros, the most important archeological sites of our homeland are near us, our “island” Paralio Astros has nothing to envy from the “Aegean our islands” and our beaches are clean and charming, in the historical Astros of Kynouria the Second National Assembly of the Greeks took place in 1823, Agiannis was the capital of the Greek revolutionaries in 1822, on the bright peak of Parnon, by the light of the second sun or by the light of the moon, the gods walked, in 1826 in castle of Paralio ‘Astros the Agiannite general Panos Zafeiropoulos the Akouros defeated Ibrahim and Parnonas was named “the Holy Mountain of Southern Greece”, we have many historical monasteries and churches.

We can do better, be well.


astrosgr.com/en / John Koutogiorgas

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