The website of our municipality is incomplete and needs “a little work”

In “We do not intend, we do not want, we do not attempt and we can not replace our municipality, which undoubtedly has or should have the first say in the promotion and development of our place. Our visitors will always look first at the website of each municipality, when they are looking for where to spend their holidays in our homeland, this will never change. We hope that our municipality will one day understand the obvious. Let’s start with the easy, a post on the website of the municipality with a few words and two photos about the obvious, about what we have and the whole dunia knows about us, about the most important monuments of our place, about what we supposedly “celebrate” που, which they are here and we will find them in front of us, they are no longer hidden ”..”

In the end, what matters is what others do and especially those responsible for the issues, not only us, it is not enough what we do, we want many others to help to promote our place.

Many times in the past we have dealt with the website of our municipality with references to the municipality and public interventions, because we know that the website of the municipality is of course of primary importance for the development of our place. In January 2020 we did a systematic work with four public interventions (in the following links) with specific proposals while recording the pearls of the website, with the aim of course to be corrected soon. Some small corrections have been made in the last year but unfortunately strangely nothing has been done about the larger pearls. That is why we are coming back.

The following are from reports and public interventions.

“We have emphasized that Culture, Tourism and the coveted and much-discussed Development, are interrelated concepts and tourism helps catalytically or more correctly” lives “the coveted Development. The development of the local community will never come, when the leaders of our society “do not shake their hands”… and we will all drown… “Let’s say something else that has to do with the above.

In the digital age of globalization we all have to use new technologies if we do not want to miss the train of history that will pass in front of us whistling three times for those who hear it. Technology is popular and everyone today talks about it for two reasons, it is cheap and effective, with a little money we can achieve many, many times, for many years. Technology is the website of our municipality that we can achieve much and more if we build it “smartly” with little money, we will all benefit many times and our children will also benefit. “Smart” is synonymous with “technology” here, the goal is “cheap and effective”.

We do not know everything, we are not fans of technology and tourism, but we found that the website is incomplete and needs “a little work”… We will mention and comment only on the issues that in our opinion we need to look again and do Better yet, since we spent our time, we will record them here as a list for future consideration, they may be useful to those in charge of our website, when one day they decide to fix the website of our municipality. “Our fellow citizens, who can and want to say something with written reports, let them submit it to our municipality, we believe that if it has value it will certainly be taken into account by those in charge.”

“It is inconceivable on the website of a municipality not to have a page for the capital of the municipality with a small text, specifically for Astros, and to have pages that become links to 11 other villages of the municipality, this is a world record of amateurism, narrow-mindedness and crookedness.

In the category “Sights” on the page “Archaeological Sites and Museums”, there are only five, Greek (or Wall), Memorial Foundation “Angeliki and Leonida Zafeiri”, Villa Herod Atticus, Port of Agios Andreas, Castle of Paralio Astros “

Archaiological Sights & Museums |

With a delay of 8 years and 1,000 pages please post about a year ago on the page Archaeological Sites and Museums finally a photo of the Archaeological Museum of Astros, let the text be wrong …. Thank you mayor !!!

“On a different page below on the website of our municipality we counted 39” Sights “for our entire municipality, such as the Gorges of Mazia and Zarbanitsa, but we did not find anything anywhere for the Archaeological Museum of Astros and the two most important monuments of our municipality, the Karytsiotis School of Agiannis with its branch in Astros (which houses the Astros Museum) and the “Holy Space” of the 2nd National Assembly of the Greeks,

Sights |

Below we list our biggest mistakes and suggestions. Once we have spent our time we will publish the details in the next three a texts to document with concrete examples what we say and what we suggest, for those who are interested in learning the details and possibly for the users of the website of our municipality. “....” we will record them here as a list for future consideration, they may be useful to the people in charge of our website, when one day they decide to correct the website of our municipality. “

«Αρχαιολογικοί Χώροι και Μουσεία» από την ιστοσελίδα  του δήμου μας Discover ΚΥΝΟΥΡΙΑ ΠΑΝΘΥΡΕΑΤΙΣ ΓΗ  …

«Αρχαιολογικοί Χώροι και  Μουσεία»  και  η ιστοσελίδα  Δήμος Βόρειας Κυνουρίας, 2-4.

«Αρχαιολογικοί Χώροι και Μουσεία» και τα μαργαριτάρια της ιστοσελίδας  του δήμου μας Discover ΚΥΝΟΥΡΙΑ…

«Αρχαιολογικοί Χώροι και Μουσεία» και τα “Αξιοθέατα” της ιστοσελίδας  του δήμου μας Discover ΚΥΝΟΥΡΙΑ…

Δήμος Βόρειας Κυνουρίας | ( / John Koutogiorgas

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