The American Republic then and now. “Mr President, you must resign, you do not even have my vote.”

Liberal democracy, which is still a one-way street, is now in a global test and the causes are deep, which we must find, understand and change course. We are faced with the inviolable rules of nature, after evolution follows decline, whoever has will lose and all empires (and lifestyles) will one day collapse to come new.

American hegemony began to crumble from the deep crisis of democracy and its institutions. Needless to say, it’s an indisputable fact that everything that happens in America affects world culture. “The American Challenge” is here in front of us, it does not go away, we all watch it unjustifiably and irrationally and follow it faithfully. It is a global pandemic of moral, social, political and economic.

When President Nixon was in his last days and he realized that his days in the presidency were numbered, like an old experienced lawyer he announced to the American people the famous “I am not a swindler”. His last hope of survival was the then far-right Senate leader Goldwater. Nixon called him to the White House to persuade him to support him in the Senate and save him from his impending ouster from the presidency.

 The far-right senator had earlier been criticized for his political views by the American people with the worst presidential defeat in American history by President Johnson in 1964 (61.1% vs 38.5%) Despite his overwhelming defeat in the 1964 presidential election, many and historians believe he laid the groundwork for the conservative revolution that followed, as the Republican Party’s grassroots organization and conservative conquest began a long-term adjustment in American politics.

The far-right senator then showed the way to President Nihon in a brief process. “Mr President, you must resign, you do not even have my vote.” After meeting with far-right Senator Goldwater, President Nixon soon moved into the closet of history.

Fifty years ago and many centuries ago in public life these were self-evident to everyone, even to an extreme right-wing senator.

Today there is another moral and different political life that society tolerates and still applauds. The current leader in the Republican senate, Senator McConnell, and the party leadership publicly and loudly condemn in the senate and respectively in the parliament the actions of former President Trump for the events of January 6, 2021, but do not vote for his resignation. concequenses. With this current moral and new political life, there will never be a president’s referral for anything. As a result, everything is allowed and it is possible today and in the future for an individual to drastically and catalytically influence American democracy and its institutions.

But before we get to Senator McConnell and his absurdly unwarranted political behavior with all its consequences, we must look to us.

In the only true ancient Greek democracy there were the rules ¨pan the measure of excellence¨, the Greek measure and the public interest.

Today the rules have changed and even the word democracy has been distorted, as it is in everyone’s interest, the exaggeration has replaced “perfect in every way” and the public interest has become the private interest.

The Fourth Power and our canal masters no longer tell us the facts. but their opinion on some …. facts and what raises the view for a unique purpose of their own, advertising and money.

Participation has become “institutionalized bribery” and institutionalized lobbying, which catalyzes the public interest and democratic life, since they work for specific interests in an institutionalized, open and abusive manner.

We condemn discrimination, but at the same time we institutionalize groups. We have beyond the racial, religious groups even a progressive parliamentary group that recently tells us shamelessly that if we do not vote for their additional issues, blackmailing everyone and the progressive democracy, it will not vote for what is right and necessary and has agreed earlier to vote for them.

President Biden ironically and succinctly showed the crap of American democracy, saying we have fifty senators who make presidents … and deliberately did not mention the progressive groups and every MP …..

“And he sees money and without it nothing is born of the proper”

Demosthenes used to say about money that without it nothing can be done … but we paraphrase it and say that all the suffering we have today is done for money and our private interest.

Voltaire warned us briefly. “Do not think that money does everything or you will end up doing everything for money.”

The big problem of democracy today is we have forgotten the common interest and working with the public has become a profession and self-promotion, for us and our descendants.

If we want to survive as a society and as a nation we must soon find again the feeling of shame and the trial of Protagoras… ..

The limited term for all public functions has its roots in Protagoras’ positions on democracy, because in Protagoras there are no “experts”, professional politicians, to speak exclusively and as it suits them for shame and justice. / John Koutogiorgas

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