“Happy are the free and free are the brave.”

The happiness of people and the purpose of life are the great issues of philosophy that have been discussed endlessly for millennia. To date, people have not actually agreed on something they really want and do not know how to get.

We will borrow the views of great thinkers that people know but strangely do not even want to discuss and do not follow.

From the Epitaph of Pericles.

“The blissful the free, the fourth the free the soulful”.

In the modern Greek language: “Happy are the free and free are the brave”.

Andreas Kalvos reports.

“Freedom requires virtue and courage.”

From the following link see the comments about Kalvos.


“No psychological satisfaction and no dream comes true without boldness and courage”

Epikouros reports briefly.

“Most people are unhappy because they are sad about what they do not have and are not happy about what they have”

“It is not possible to live happily if one does not live wisely, morally and justly, just as one cannot live wisely, morally and justly if one does not live happily”

“The universe is infinite. We are not at the center of the universe, but we are one of the innumerable worlds of a vast universe. ”

We understand, “we are not the center of the world”, we are very insignificant. You can not live in a happy world if you are not happy with your life

People’s happiness at least presupposes the existence of universal freedom and the lack of nonsense.

Human freedom is multifaceted.

Freedom is usually referred to as national or political. A people has been liberated from its conquerors or we are politically free to vote for whomever we want.

Human freedom is multifaceted and touches all areas of our daily lives. Freedom is moral, spiritual, social, economic, political.

Freedom cannot be a giver but must be earned daily by everyone in all areas of life and presupposes courage and daily struggle to be maintained. People’s misery is mainly due to the lack of freedom in all areas of our daily lives. Financial freedom, which we all do so much for, is not enough to make people happy, but it is a good start. But a lot of work is needed in all the above areas.

People’s stupidity is the source of misery.

Silly people often base their happiness on fancy and insignificant “ornaments” to impress their fellow human beings, who by definition alone bring doom, destruction and more misery as insignificant.

Fools do not know how to be happy on their own and give everything to others to make them happy and when others do what they think and do not transfer happiness to the fools who wait, the fools sink into greater misery and wait for others to do their own thing, because they themselves do not want to and cannot.

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