Our electronic society, the future of the world, “1984” and the “Brave New World”

 “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot crushing a human face – forever.” George Orwell

In the 1960s, humanity and the world’s youth got tired of the status quo, had enough…, and decided to put the slogan “to change the world” on the table again… ..

In our then worries about the future of the world, it made sense to find two books, almost fifty-five years ago, that spoke of the future of humanity, first George Orwell in 1984 and Aldous Huxley in The Brave New World. George Orwell and Aldous Huxley were fellow students at the same university in England and were influenced by each other. They dealt with the same issue but came to different conclusions.

“The Brave New World” was published in 1932. It takes place in London in the distant future 2540 AD. and describes an imaginary society, drawing on two sources of inspiration: the mental extension of the scientific and social trends of the time ”. “Huxley’s nightmare, described in The Brave New World, was that we would be destroyed by things that please us.” Otherwise an old friend called relevant human behaviors “on the path of pleasure and doom” …….

“In this world no one gets sick, there are no wars” Aldous Huxley

“The rulers of the Brave New World have succeeded in making people love their enslavement.”

In Orwell’s world, war never stops, it reminds you of something….

Orwell feared that the things we feared about the state would destroy us. The system and the state surveillance mechanism, “Big Brother is Watching.”

He wrote “1984” for many years and it was published in 1949, they say from the previous year 1948… he made the typographical mistake “1984”…

George Orwell made a very big mistake, he wrote the book, because he was afraid, so that we would wake up and not do everything he wrote. He is the only writer in humanity who with his thoughts led humanity to the exact opposite result from what he wanted.

All people of spirit write books and texts to influence people in the way they think. Unlike Orwell, the state. the system and the powers copied, followed, applied and apply today faithfully and dynamically all his fears and thank him for opening their eyes and becoming more royal than the king

 “We would say, then, that on the Orwellian front, we are doing quite well, as the recent revelations of Edward Snowden have shown. We have built a state surveillance mechanism that would take Orwell’s breath away. ” George Orwell made a very big mistake…., Wrote the book.

“War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is power”

“George Orwell began writing in the 1940s about the then distant 1984, about the future as he imagined it.

“1984 as a date may be a thing of the past, but Orwell’s book will forever represent ‘The Future’ as everything has been set in motion almost as predicted.”

It has been reported that Orwell wrote “1984” and criticized a particular political system, which may be true, but today the book is more about “the state, the system and all power.”

“1984 is not a novel or a simple novel; it is a creepily accurate prophecy about the future of the world, a manifesto, it is the narration of the solitary and timeless battle of the individual with the system, a methodically structured, almost indestructible mechanism, aimed at to the absolute control and abolition of every freedom – every real freedom, that which springs from the objective gaze and personal thought ”.

Unlike the Huxley world in the Orwellian world, war never stops, remember. Afghanistan, <Russians and Americans>, Shah in Persia, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Iraq, Syria and refugees or migrants fleeing to escape the bombs… and it is our fault that we do not pay attention to them… they oppress ”, we forgot… it’s nothing great…

The book covers in great detail two issues of double thinking <Doublethink> (or lies) and the ruthless surveillance of citizens by the Power System, <Big Brother is Watching>. Citizens constantly see Big Brother’s face, everywhere, on their televisions, in the coins they use, who watches everyone non-stop, even in their tender moments.

“Doublethink> is the ability to hold two completely contradictory beliefs at the same time and to believe that they are both true. Orwell defines the double part as: To know and not to know, to realize the complete truth, while saying carefully constructed a lie, to hold at the same time two views that are annulled, knowing that they are contradictory and believing in both. Perhaps the most obvious example of double-mindedness in 1984 can be found in the names of the party’s four ministries. They include the Ministry of Spirit that oversees the lack of resources, the Ministry of Peace that declares and conducts war, the Ministry of Love that abolishes harsh punishments and torture, and the Ministry of Truth that spreads propaganda and revises historical facts.

State violence, double thinking and the big lies of the state and the system are not discoveries of Orwell and Huxley, but have been discussed by many since antiquity, such as Aeschylus and Thucydides, just nothing ever changes, as long as there are spoons …. and power chairs.

In the best book of humanity in Prometheus, the great tragedian Aeschylus deals with the state that represents violence.

We read and listen to the press every day the “experts” who did what science and change the meaning of words and facts, as it suits them best, because in fact they talk about their own chairs.

Our respected professor Kyriakos S. Katsimanis, Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Athens, emphasizes us.

“In general, semantic distortion is promoted by the introduction of words that are widely used, but their semantic content has not been precisely determined, which is, of course, not at all accidental 28. Thucydides outlines the distorting effects of the use of moral and political crisis in of language: “and the eloquent claim of the names in the works they realized justified” changed the established meaning of the words depending on how it suited them. ” page 11

See the link below for more.

Discussing the concepts of statehood, democracy and patriotism


Let’s get to our current daily social behavior.

I recently went to a big mall in our neighborhood to walk, we say big since it refers to a good day visited by 100,000 customers (not an exaggeration but statistics) to “have fun” and “consume”. I sat in a place to rest and six adult men happened to be sitting next to me. I noticed everyone and all six had phones and were talking non-stop or writing messages for half an hour…, I left and went a little further down, there I saw a very old gentleman, say 80, talking on his phone, he was finishing the conversation, he was putting the phone on in his pocket, he took it out, he spoke again, and then the same violin many times for a long time; the next day I went to the mall again and saw again the same, different six gentlemen, the same old gentleman as he was the day before, Or if we go again we will definitely find them there to talk and send messages.


At home the phone rings incessantly even at midnight, they are salesmen from India who work for commercial companies in Canada and America, maybe even England… <certainly not India> and they sell everything even air is beaten. We have found a way to slowly block the phones or when we see the number for the first time, it seems that it is not a number we know, not to answer. Everyone does what they like and it is their right. We know someone who has made two programs to avoid phone annoyances which are very effective, he does not give his phone to anyone but his family and he never answers any strange number if he they really want to find him..or let them sell to others.

We turn on the TV and we are bombarded every day with relentless brainwashing and “fake news”, in the past they used to say “the newspaper also wrote”, today we say “they said on TV” and “I read on the internet”. Each of us sells our puppetry and each of us defends as much as we can. Let us mention here a true way of proper defense and freedom from washing. In the crisis in 2009 we opened Greek television in Canada, we saw a teacher we knew from our student years and we were interested to hear the discussion about the crisis, we talked then if we will survive as a state for another week and what will happen to me tables and pensions of 345 euros. The presenter talked about the subject and our professor, who in 1968 licked the junta, went to the post-colonial era where he had spoons. We are not finished… the presenter then presented a teacher’s book about the crisis… he showed it all.Here our homeland was burning and they were selling books, watch out for the crisis… I thought of getting up and calling them immediately .. I would lose my words. I turned off the TV before the sale and washing were over and immediately called the company to cut the channel and since then I have never turned on Greek TV and I have not lost anything… and I have won the expenses of the channel. I want to emphasize that these are not stories, they are facts.

We will also come to the issue of our electronic society.

New “technology”, computers and the internet in general is something very “smart” and you can achieve a lot with one condition, to use them properly. Experts say accordingly “You take out garbage you will take out garbage” <GIGO>. It basically has a memory, it remembers everything and it is a vast repository of data that wait at no cost to those who want it and who can use it wherever they want, it also makes sense … but these are fine words for others. Computers are a great discovery for humanity, something like the fire of Prometheus, which is why everyone speaks with the best words and admiration for the “new technology”.

Computers are a great discovery for humanity, something like the fire of Prometheus. That is why everyone speaks with the best words and admiration for the “new technology”.

But in life there are always two sides to every coin, the pound and the crown. The same with the new technology, if not used properly, or worse if some others do not use it properly it will get us in trouble.

We have been using computers for 30-35 years and a lot has changed so fast, but at the same time our social behavior has changed.

In the 1950s in Agiannis it was beautiful in the village. There was excellent social contact and mutual respect with everyone and everything, at festivals, in churches, in everyday life in the precincts of the precursor and in Soulinari, in joys and sorrows. We respect their elders, they were all barbarians and aunts (uncles) and aunts).

During the holidays we wore our “goodies”, we went to the church and to the dances, which everyone danced in the square, if we had any drachma we drank an orange juice. We are happy and happy for what we had and we did not know better, nor did we want to know. We had it all and it was enough, they just did not have money but we do not need it… ..

Today in our “electronic society” we have lost our humanity, our dignity and our goals. Hidden behind an electronic screen we have forgotten our neighbors and mutual respect, we are demanding and hostile to other screens that are “things”. We behave in a way that we are not, we know it well but we do and we would not do it in a square or a cafe full of people. But behind a screen no one sees us, only a screen, we do not know what respect and kindness means, we want everything now for ourselves.

Today we all read new social behaviors


Bullying refers to the physical and psychological abuse or reduction of weaker individuals in a group. Despite the impression of some that it is exclusively a school phenomenon, in fact it appears in all ages and social groups

School Bullying, Cyberbullying, Harassment, Moral Harassment, Personal Attack

Forms of cyberbullying

• Repeated sending of electronic or telephone messages

• Interference and harassment of any online activity of the individual

• Log in to the individual online personal accounts

• Sending photos of the person or other type of recorded material

• Sending personal information of the person to multiple recipients

• Sending threatening messages to other people pretending to be the bully

• Motivation of third parties for online monitoring and harassment of the person


See more views of Orwell and Huxley below.

“Now many parts of the world are monitored 24/7 with our permission and wishes.

We even went one step further, as we voluntarily upload almost all of our personal information to online databases, even where we are and what we do at all times.

And we like it.

The citizen of 1984 as well as that of “2020 μπορεί” may not be restricted by chains but his access to information is so controlled and distorted that he is subject to constant brainwashing and wears blinds without his knowledge, he is pathologically stunned, it is enough to He loves the “System”, to embrace every truth that it feeds him and to hate the enemies that it points out to him.

Thinking in 1984 is a crime punishable by death .

Love is a crime punishable by death.

Knowledge is a crime punishable by death.

The falsification of free thought stems from the program of “language purification” and the establishment of the “New Speech”. What is being done in essence is the reinterpretation of the words so that their real meaning is distorted and again suits the interests of the System ……………………… ..

“Or the purpose of the New Speech is to narrow the boundaries of thought. In the end we will make the crime of thought literally impossible, because there will be no words to express it… “

A complete alteration of the language takes place, so that the words are cut off from their original meaning and the result is that they ultimately mean something completely different.

The motto of the system is:

 “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot crushing a human face – forever.”

This boot represents as you understand the current power and the forces of repression which is a work that we know.

But kicking in the face does not only represent the pain, humiliation and enslavement of the individual, but also the catalysis of difference, of particularity.

Big Brother is the one you see everywhere, it is the eyes that are constantly watching you through cameras and microphones, he is the one who exercises absolute control.

And man adores him convinced that all this is the absolute truth and necessary for his good.

No one knows if Big Brother really exists as an individual, as a material leader, or as an invisible force that moves the threads.

Winston Smith tried to resist. To fall in love, to learn, to record, to understand in contrast to the majority of his hypnotized colleagues.

The moment he fell into the trap of the mechanism, in the face of the collapse of everything, he finally finds the courage to ask to satisfy his curiosity:

– Is there an older brother?

-Of course there is. The “System” exists. It is the embodiment of the “system”

-Yes, but I mean, does it exist as I exist?

– You do not exist.


“Because one of the ironies of history is that aspects of our cyber future bear similarities to the imaginative nightmares of Huxley and his fellow Eton classmate George Orwell.

  “Brave New World” was published in 1932. It takes place in London in the distant future 2540 AD. and describes an imaginary society, drawing on two sources of inspiration: the mental extension of the scientific and social trends of the time

As an intellectual fascinated by science, he guessed that scientific progress would give people powers that were considered the exclusive prerogative of the gods.

And it is true that the ability of the Internet to facilitate such surveillance is what has attracted the most attention. In the meantime, however, we have forgotten Huxley’s intuition. We have not noticed that our love for digital games, our insatiable appetite for Facebook, Google and other “free” services offered to us in exchange for our personal data, can prove to be as powerful a drug as “soma” for its inhabitants. Brave New World.

Huxley Dystopia is a totalitarian society ruled by a supposedly benevolent dictatorship whose citizens are programmed to enjoy their obedience by manipulating their behavior and using a soma drug that is far more enjoyable than any other. we know today. The rulers of the Brave New World have succeeded in making people love their enslavement. ”


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The “Brave New World” of our time goes to the shops of their neighborhood to “have fun” and “consume”, but there are no words in the shops, now we have a new mute language, as shown in the photos there are no names and letters in stores. People are dumb …… ..because it was lost, with the electronic media that keep us busy, excellent social contact and mutual respect with everyone and everything as we had before… and we will see much worse in a generation, as soon as we started the descent that Aldous Huxley feared.

“Brave New World” is more tragic than “1984”

The rulers of the Brave New World have succeeded in making people love their enslavement.

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