Day trips by car to our neighbors

If you stay long enough in Astros we recommend for day trips Nafplio 33 km, Tripoli 40 km and Sparta-Mystras 90 km.Our traditional villages on Parnonas are beautiful.

Our neighbors:

Nearby there are several picturesque traditional settlements.

1) In the watermill of Ai Giorgis of Kato Meligos, (4 km) and of Paliopanagia (6 km), Orini Meligou (13 km) of Agiannis (17 km)

2) Agiannis – Holy Monastery of Malevi <25 km> Ag. Petros (34 km)

3) Kato Doliana, -Kastri (42 km), Holy Monastery of Timiou Prodromou <48 km>, Fleet <67 km>, Prosilia, Kato Doliana,

4) Agiannis – Ano Doliana (50km), Ano Vervena, Tripoli and Kolokotronis 40km

5) Holy Monastery of Loukous, site of ancient Eva and Herodes Atticus, 4 km, Kato Doliana), and the bridge of Sougelos of Karytsiotis.

6) Charadros (27km) Platanos (21km), Sitaina (26 km), Kastanitsa (30 km) (Prastos (32 km), Holy Monastery of Orthokostas, Agios Andreas, In Kastanitsa is the wood-carved and gilded iconostasis of Metamos of the Empress of Russia Catherine.

7) Kato Meligou and Kastraki, Moustos, Koutroufa, Korakovouni, Agios Andreas, Arcadiκο Village,,Port of Agios Andreas and Heronisi (the view of the Argolic from the Port of Agios Andreas !!! and Heronisi) day and night is magnificent

8) The “island” Paralio Astros has nothing to envy from any Aegean island, it has it all. Paralio Astros Castle

9) The beaches of Argolikos,The Argolic gulf and our beaches At Portes (3 km), the best beach in the Mediterranean…, are enchanting all like the beach Sampatiki <40 km means “as you go there”… you will see and understand what does enchanting mean>

10) After coming to Astros you should definitely see Nafplio, 33 km, the first capital of the Greek state, the most picturesque old town, the place where Kapodistrias was assassinated and do not forget to visit the prison of Kolokotronis in Palamidi.

11) Tripoli 40 km capital of Arcadia and in the center of Peloponnese…. has a lot to offer, and do not forget to visit the old man of Morias in Areos square, we promise you will be seduced….

12) Sparta 82 km the great city of antiquity and the neighboring Mystras 90 km with its uphills and churches played a very important role in our Byzantine history, we must all see one day.

See the links

“The sun and the sea” of the Argolic gulf .

From the website of our municipality

Swimming in one of the many and clean beaches of the area.

The walk in the forest on paths or major roads and the mountain bike.

Mountaineering on Mount Parnon. Fishing in the numerous quiet and windless coves.

The visit of historical places and settlements.

The pilgrimage to the monasteries and churches of the area.

Engaging in sports activities, such as sports (basketball, volleyball, 5×5 or individual sports.

The traditional festivals and many cultural events that take place in all the departments of the Municipality

.The artistic and cultural events that take place every summer at the open-air theater of Paralio Astros

Events from the website of our municipality / John Koutogiorgas

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