8) Wall – Elliniko (Greek)

Most likely the ancient city of Thyrea was built in Elliniko or Teichio between Astros and Agianni and was the metropolis of North Kynouria.

 “Kynouria from the end of the 11th c. e.g. until Roman times, it was a sought-after booty to satisfy the interests of Sparta and Argos. Geographically, its area is divided into two large sections. The north, which in ancient times corresponded to Thyreatida, with the main settlement of Thyrea and secondary Anthini, Nirida, Eva and Astros, while the south corresponded to the country of Prasia, in which there was the main settlement Prasiai and the secondary , Cheese and Sculpture »

From our Municipality

“At a distance of about 5 km from Astros at the top of the hill above the bends “kodeles” a short distance from the uphill road to Agiannis is the Greek Wall, from there the view of Thyreatida Gis and the Argolic gulf is excellent. At the point there is an inscription of the archeological service that leads to a rural road and after 2 kilometers the visitor reaches a plateau, which is the beginning of a 15 minute walk that leads to the top of a hill, the Wall or Elliniko. Here one can see the ruins of the ancient holy temple of the god Apollo, ruins of walls, buildings and underground tanks and relics of the Upper Thyrea or for some others of the Nereid. “

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