Xiropigado of Arcadia

From the “Mount Parnon and Moustos Wetland Management Agency, 2015. Guide for the protected area of ​​Mount Parnon and Moustos Wetland. Nature, Culture, Ecotourism. Astros of Arcadia “

North of Astros at 11 km, is Xiropigado. It is the first seaside village that the visitor will encounter coming to the coastal Kynouria. Quiet and calm environment, crystal clear beaches with crystal clear waters and pebbles compose colorful images. Xiropigado, a fishing village with rich fishing grounds, has a dynamic tourist infrastructure with dozens of hotels, rooms to let, restaurants and fish taverns that stretch along the beautiful beach. It is an ideal destination for family tourism and lovers of quiet holidays and carefree. From the amphitheater Xiropigado on the slopes of Mount Zavitsa, the visitor can gaze at the historic Nafplio and the endless blue waters of the Argolic Gulf. In the wider area of ​​Xiropigados there are dozens of important and under exploration caves, which give a special geological interest. One of these caves, which was recently excavated by speleological teams, is located nearby north of the village and with its entrance adjacent to the main provincial road.

After Xiropigado and below the ancient Anigraia Odos of the traveler Pausanias, as soon as we see the plain of Thyrea, 150 m. From the beach we can see Dini in the sea, where in antiquity horse sacrifices were made to the god Poseidon (Birth of Poseidon). Immediately north of Dini, on the west side of Cape Pournos, at Anemomylos and 50 m. Below the ancient coastal road Argos-Thyreatidos are the remains of an ancient prison. The hiking trail on the ridges of Zavitsa above Xiropigado, which follows the route of the ancient Anigraia road of the traveler Pausanias, offers unique experiences and unique emotions, with impressive views of Argolida, Arcadia and the Argolic. In this amazing route the visitor will be impressed by Voukolopyrgos, whose history is lost in the depths of the centuries and will feel religious immersion in the view of the chapels of the Transfiguration of the Savior, St. Panteleimon, Prophet Elias and St. Constantine. During the summer season, traditional festivals and cultural events are organized.

The Vortex In the area of ​​Lileika, in the middle of the provincial road network Astros – Xiropigadou, a rare hydrological phenomenon is observed created by the fresh waters of an underground river, as they spring from the depths of the sea and at a distance of 150 m from the shore create a distinct large circle. (“Threshing floor”) 10-25 m in diameter (depending on the amount of water). The outflow of fresh water from the depths of the sea creates this water turbine, where fresh water dances incessantly, before being received in its embrace by the salty sea. This amazing phenomenon, with rich references to ancient writers (Pausanias VIII.7.2), has aroused the interest of Greek and foreign researchers and scientists, but it has not been possible to study it completely and systematically, due to the serious dangers posed by its great depth. sea ​​(80 m.), the existence of strong sea currents, as well as the huge power of the water turbine. From Xiropigado to Fokiano, in many places along the coastline, the fresh waters of dozens of springs are gushing from the depths of the sea.

Xiropigado of Arcadia From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Xiropigado (formerly known as Xeropigado) is a village in the prefecture of Arcadia which belongs to the Municipality of North Kynouria. It has a population of 353 inhabitants. It is an old fishing village of Kynouria that in recent years presents tourist development. The inhabitants are engaged in agriculture, mainly olive growing, viticulture, animal husbandry, fishing, but also tourism.

Location[ It is located at the foot of the northeastern side of Mount Zavitsa. It is the first seaside village of Arcadia that one encounters after Argolida, on the Argos-Leonidi road. It is 150 km from Athens and 10 km from Astros Kynouria.

Near the coastlines of the village there are rocks with small caves and small inaccessible sandy beaches, ideal for seclusion. At the borders of the community and 5 km from it, on the road to Argolida, springs an underwater spring with fresh water. The location is known as “Anavalos”. There are water collection facilities at the site, which is used for the water supply needs of the Argolic plain. [3]

Local Community-

Xiropigado, Lileika, Metamorfosi, Limanakia, Plaka, Hani tou Grigou

Sights Off the sea, near the settlement of Lileika, there is an underwater spring with brackish water. The spring is located at a distance of 290 meters from the coast and at a depth of 80 meters above sea level. Its waters come from the sinkholes of Partheni and the plain of Mantineia. The source is called “Lileiko Mati” by the locals and is distinct from the land when there is relative apnea and the waters are calm, as the sea turbine with a diameter of about 25 meters is created by mixing salt with brackish water. [4]

 Churches The village has two churches, Agia Marina and the Annunciation of the Virgin (known as Vangelistra).



 One of the many small and quiet beaches that can be found on the way from Argolida to Astros just before Xiropigado and after Kiveri. The beach is located on the border of the two prefectures and has sand and clear waters, while it took its name from known underwater karst source of fresh water of Anavalos that originates in Kynouria and Argolida.


This beach is known to many as Villas because of some houses that are above them but the descriptions of older people in the area for colorful butterflies that found refuge there and often beautified the landscape, show that the original and first name of this beach is: Butterfly .


Entering Xiropigado from Argolida after Evangelistria we turn left to the first houses next to the small olive grove. After a short descent we will reach the quiet pebble beach with the caves under the houses.


Before Xiropigado: Passing Kiveri and on the road to Xiropigado, on the road to our left we find continuous small coves with beautiful and quiet beaches. Here we will find a very beautiful sandy beach where we descend by a twisting iron staircase!


Spilia is a beautiful beach in the center of the village. Residents and tourists when they want to refer to the beach say go to the cave. It takes its name from the two small rock caves located in the center. It has fine pebbles and beautiful waters


The organized beach of Xiropigados with small white pebbles stretches along the settlement. Above it we will find holiday homes, rentals, beach bars and taverns.

XIROPIGADO PORT BEACH Small beach with white pebbles just to the right of the small pier of the settlement with sea colors to be unique.

See the following link for all the beaches in Astros

“The sun and the sea” of the Argolic gulf .


Every summer, two open-air local festivals are organized: One on July 26, the eve of Agios Panteleimon in the chapel of Agios Panteleimon, where the service takes place and then the party begins with food, songs and dancing. The second takes place in the church of the Transfiguration of the Savior, on Mount Zavitsa, where there is a service and then follows the feast.


The football team of the village is called “Fortuna Xiropigadou” and its colors are blue and black. He competes in the local categories of Ε.Π.Σ. Arcadia. [5] Photos from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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