“The head of Kolokotronis. I am ready for you all to paint your scooters (= clothes) black from now on “. Kotzambasis Anagnostis Papazoglou or Papazoglis

“Fire and ax to the worshipers!”

With the landing of Ibrahim in the Peloponnese, the Revolution seemed to fade away as never before.

Looting, rape and death everywhere. Only those who accepted the “ray boujurdi”, the famous pardon paper and worshiped would be saved. The trick of the Egyptian pasha caught on and whole villages began to worship.

Dimitris Nenekos from Zoumbata, Achaia, was one of the first to be feared and worshiped. Because of him, the whole village bowed down and sided with Ibrahim, unable to resist the riches he had given him.

We made him Bey with a firman, since the former Greek chief together with the askeri of 2000 Greeks strengthened the pilgrimage. They terrorized those who did not worship in the city and the outskirts of Patras.

Thodoris Kolokotronis, however, did not worship.

He learns about the Turkish worshiper Neneko, the one who had fought alongside him in the siege of Patras.

He gets angry. July 19, 1827.

“Fire and ax to the worshipers!”

The phrase of Kolokotronis that now reaches the limits of the myth and remained in history. It threatens those who worship with death.

As for the fate of the famous Nenek. He was killed by the brother of his fellow villager Ath. Sagias. The one that Nenekos killed in the first years of the Revolution in order to take the leadership of Patras.

Text: Moraites in Dance »

The old man of Moria rightly said “Fire and ax to the worshipers!” like Anagnostis Papazoglou.

“The head of Kolokotronis. I am ready for you all to paint your scooters (= clothes) black from now on “. Kotzambasis Anagnostis Papazoglou or Papazoglis.

We must always say figs figs and things by their name.

Out of ignorance of history, recklessness, the small mistake is wrongly mentioned below that the Kotzambas Anagnostis Papazoglou Papazoglis, was an important personality of the struggle of 1821.

We hope we do not resent the “Greece 2021” committee with the stories of Turko-Papazoglou, which are many.

Municipality of North Kynouria: Decision Number: 126/2020

“The suggestion of the Mayor of North Kynouria, which states in detail”… ..

“Agios Ioannis’ contribution to the revolution of 1821 was decisive as he highlighted important personalities of the struggle such as Panos Sarigiannis, Anagnostis Papazoglou, but also the Zafeiropoulos brothers (Ioannis Zafeiropoulos, Konstantinos Zafeiropoulos and Panagirotikos but also during the revolution “.

We ask the mayor to correct the above text by removing “Anagnostis Papazoglou”.

Kotzambasis Anagnostis Papazoglou Papazoglis was a powerful prostitute and tax collector of the Turkish conquerors of Agiannis, the fear and terror of Moria for Greeks and Turks. He got his undisputed power from his excellent financial relations with the gate and the Turks, who needed the Kotzabasids to collect the hike from the blood of the people. Besides, his ancestors had Turkishized their name to Papazoglou, from the Greek name Papadopoulos.

He offered nothing to the liberation struggle because he died in 1818, before the revolution of 1821, from poisoning by members of the Friendly Society. The Friendly Society poisoned Turko-Papazoglou for fear of betraying the company to the Turks and mainly because he did not agree with the goals of the Friendly Society and worked with the Turks to fulfill his own plans, which were contrary to the plans of the Friendly Society. to rule the whole Peloponnese in his own way.

What we know about Turko-Papazoglou has nothing to do with the liberation struggle of 1821.

On the contrary, he had a permanent Turkish guard, he robbed as much as he could, like the monastery of Loukos, and he carried the groschen of the Turks for the head of the old man of Moria. There are many more, we reserve for later if needed.

The Friendly Society, which knew more than all of us and our mayor, poisoned Turko-Papazoglou very well and we will not all rightly mention his name anywhere in the celebrations for the 200 years of the liberation struggle by the Turkish occupiers and their collaborators. .

AstrosKynouria – News By Giannis D. Kourbelis

“During 1805 – 1806, when the great persecution of the thieves took place, Theodoros Kolokotronis took refuge in Mani. When the pasha of Tripolitsa found out, he sent Anagnostis Papazoglou with 50,000 grosis to the Bey of Mani, Antonbei Grigorakis. When Papazoglou arrived, he met Antonobei, handed him the groschen and the following order: << The head of Kolokotronis. Ready for you all to paint your scooters (= clothes) black from now on >>. Afterwards, Bey gave the money to Konstantinos Dourakis from Mania, in order to find and hand over to the pasha Kolokotronis. “As it is known, Dourakis trapped Kolokotronis in his tower, but Kolokotronis escaped and took refuge in Zakynthos.”

“We want to mention that the words, kotzambasides and collaborators, are the dirtiest words in the Greek language.”

In the above photo is the prostitute, Ioannis Logothetis, prefect of Livadia. Painting by Louis Dupre. Comments are unnecessary.

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