Pragmatefti of Arcadia

From the “Mount Parnon and Moustos Wetland Management Agency, 2015. Guide for the protected area of ​​Mount Parnon and Moustos Wetland. Nature, Culture, Ecotourism. Astros of Arcadia “.


Traditional Tsakonian settlement at an altitude of 200 m. Pragmatefti used to be called “Capital”, because it was the largest of the surrounding settlements. It was inhabited about 350 years ago and is located 9 km northeast of Leonidio. The Ionian inhabitants of the village are engaged in agriculture, animal husbandry and fishing. Because they traded their production themselves, they called them “Pragmateftides” and their village Pragmateftis.  

Pragmatefti includes two settlements:

a) Sampatiki, a picturesque fishing village with a small harbor and a very beautiful beach with sand and fine pebbles. The name Sabatiki came from the phrase “as you go there” or from its cape called Savatiko.

b) Livadi, a seaside fishing settlement located immediately after Sampatiki in the direction of Tyros. West of the village there is a small basin, the Lakes, where the ruins of an older settlement are preserved.

In the center of Pragmaveti there is the church of Agia Triados, in the cemetery the church of Agios Ioannis of the 18th century, in Limnes Agios Georgios, in Livadi Agia Paraskevi and in Sampatiki Panagia, to the east of which are preserved ruins of old buildings (cells and auxiliaries spaces). Characteristic of the village are the beautiful stone houses, the clean streets of island character and the unrestricted view to Myrtoos, the Argolic gulf and the fertile fields of the area with olives and citrus / John Koutogiorgas

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