Charadros of Arcadia

From the “Mount Parnon and Moustos Wetland Management Agency, 2015. Guide for the protected area of ​​Mount Parnon and Moustos Wetland. Nature, Culture, Ecotourism. Astros of Arcadia “.

Haradros is a beautiful semi-mountainous village, 17 km southwest of Astros, on the northeastern slopes of Mount Parnon, built at an altitude of 568 m. Large and small hills, varied ridges, slopes with olive trees, streams and gorges compose the landscape.

The Haradros land becomes more beautiful with the color compositions and contrasts it acquires in the seasons. Remarkable archeological sites are observed on the borders of the village, such as the Cave of Asoulas (Ai Giorgis) (See p. 126), with timeless habitation from the Neolithic period to the Byzantine times, and the ancient prison at Elliniko, just before entrance to the village, which is preserved in very good condition. The few inhabitants of the village today are engaged in the cultivation of olives and livestock. The oldest church of Haradros is the Prophet Elias, which according to tradition has been built on the ruins of an older church. He is the patron saint of the village and celebrates on the 20th of July. In the village stand out the renovated school (1927) and the fountain Variko (1937) with its two very tall plane trees. At a distance of 2 km southeast of Haradros are Agioi Asomatoi, a small settlement that was once the winter home for the inhabitants of Vourvourou.

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Haradros (or Trestena until 1927 [3]) is a small semi-mountainous village in the prefecture of Arcadia, built at an altitude of 535 meters on the northeastern slopes of Mount Parnon. It is surrounded by mountains and overlooks a small plain. Slopes with olive trees, streams and gorges compose the landscape of the area.

 It is located in the province of Kynouria and is 18 km from Astros. Sights of the village are the school building built in 1927 and the Variko fountain of 1937, which is shaded by two tall plane trees. An olive mill operated in the settlement until 1999 / John Koutogiorgas

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