Sights in Astros-Let’s go for a walk to see the village…

We will gradually add links that will lead to details on each topic. For those who like hiking a bit. Let’s go for a walk in the village, “in Astros the arched and with its nobility”, we have a lot to see on foot or by car.


Moustos (3 km)

Kastraki Meligou(3 km)

Herronnisi, (7 km), the walls of Anthini (the Mill of Agios Andreas swims in the Argolic)

Paralio Astros (4km)

Castle of Paralio Astros or of Zafeiropoulon

The Palioxano Beach (5km)

Lileika 11beach (small caves) (8km)

Holy Monastery of Loukous, (4 km),

Villa of Herod Atticus

The site of ancient Eva and the villa of Herodes Atticus, (4 km),

The bridge of Hararas, (3km) overlooking the plain of Thyrea

The watermill of Ai Giorgis and the sougelo of Kato Meligos, (4 km)

Holy Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Paleopanagia (6 km)

Wall – Elliniko (Greek) Elliniko or Teichio (8 km) with a magnificent view of the plain of Thyrea .

The inn of Kopanitsa, (10 km) with a magnificent view of the plain of Thyrea

We will leave the charming beaches for later, in the category beaches and they are many and charming.

“The sun and the sea” of the Argolic gulf .

Monasteries Nearby are the Holy Monastery of Loukous (4 km) and the Holy Monastery of Paleopanagia (6 km). See below the links ‘

Monasteries and Churches: Parnonas was also named the “Mount Athos” of Southern Greece.

The School of Karytsiotis Agiannnis

Of particular interest is the church of Agios Ioannis Prodromos in Agiannis. The abundant icy water of the spring Prodromos flows through five canals, one is very low, just below the church, as if the water seems to come through the church. (17km)

See the link.

The abundant icy water of Prodromos in Agiannis “comes through the church”.

The waterfalls of Lepida: Near Agios Ioannis (Agiannis) and Platanos Kynouria / John Koutogiorgas

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