Public letter to the Deputy Mayor Mr. Georgios Gardikiotis, responsible of Tourism.

Public letter to the Deputy Mayor Mr. Georgios Gardikiotis, responsible of Tourism.

Mr. Deputy Mayor, let us once say things in public and openly with their name and the figs figs.

We saw the show ERT landmarks for “Pyramia” and we saw the pictures during the whole show and when our mayor spoke AND WE GOT A STROKE SHAME AND SHAME ON ERT. We also saw in the show, which was done in an exemplary way, unfortunately only for Epidaurus and Troizina, the big difference …….

For those who want to see with their own eyes the disgrace of deception and misinformation, take a look at the link.

The local community of Astros is temporarily not considering investigating the criminal charges against all those who participated in the show for spreading false news, for a hole in the water. There are many elements and fortunately for very few, who have been isolated from the local community in Astros and Paralio Astros.

In addition to the above responsibilities there are other more important responsibilities that are administrative, ethical, social and political. There is also the dignity that we have and must have in society. The local community is well aware of the facts, has its own rules and does not ask anyone for their opinion. In the end, it makes final decisions. Regardless of the details, the responsibility for the show the 1821 “Astros” landmarks belongs to the mayor and the deputy deputy mayor who approved the show with their presence and if they disagreed with something they had to say it publicly during the show or later.

Let us not hide, the local community says openly and secretly, our mayor and his deputy mayor of “pyramia” planned to put Mr. Kouklis, the wolf to guard the sheep, who publicly devalues ​​the issue of the show, the National Assembly, for the unique reason that the National Assembly took place in the historic Astros, (also not “accidentally” our fellow citizens were found to say “it was cursed”), which with many half-truths (worse than big lies), issues unrelated to the issue of the show about constitutions and the landmarks, and false news divides and angers the local community and in the end like “the donkey calls the rooster’s big head” and throws his responsibilities where he can and “shouts like a thief to leave the household”.


The photo from Astros tis ThalassiS, Historical Photo Album for Paralio Astros

In our small society we know very well what is happening around us. We also know that you were a member of the Board. of the Pyramia group, which aims to “rewrite” our history, and we know who is the president of the group. The direct or indirect assignment by the competent deputy mayor, who knew or should have known a lot, who at the same time is a member or was a former member of the Board. of the Pyramia group, to Mr. Koukli, president of the Pyramia group, “to advertise the pyramia” in the above show about the landmarks of 1821 and to misinform the viewers with many irrelevant inaccuracies and half-words, “this is where the National Assembly took place” … ( here but where …, the walls and walls do not move with anything, not even with lies) is also a “conflict of interest”, not of course in the legal sense but the moral and social meaning, that as a responsible deputy mayor you have the sole responsibility and you are an accomplice in the eyes of the local community.

We ask if the following three big lies are a spread of false news according to Greek law and if they are divisive for the local community.

1) Astros and Paralio Astros.

From Astros tis Thalassis (Άστρος της Θαλάσσης)

“In Astros, (today’s Paralio Astros) one of the most important events of the first months of the Revolution of 1821 took place.”

2) The Castle of Paralio Astros (as correctly mentioned by the Ministry of Culture, on the website of our municipality and in any other publication that exists on the planet earth), is mentioned illegally, falsely and insidiously in the above show several times, even when you spoke, as “Astros Castle” with the well-known misleading and misinformation implication, contrary to the official position of the Municipality of North Kynouria and the Greek state.

3) In a large part of the show, deliberately “we said other things and showed other things”, such as when the show started, which wrote with the first misleading of the viewers, “ASTROS 2nd National Assembly March April 1823” and deliberately showed wrong images of Paralio Astros and this is the definition of misinformation. The mayor, who, unlike the other mayors, spoke very little, “wore a hat” and when he was talking about the National Assembly or other issues, the images of the show deliberately showed Paralio Astros or Atsiganos . Also when you talked about Astros, “it was non-partisan … and safe” images of the show showed Parlio Astros and Atsiganos. Admittedly smart work to deceive and misinform viewers of the show, who do not know the details. There are great and many responsibilities here for many.

Let’s stop spreading false news, misleading and misinforming viewers and let’s add something also important.

You mentioned that the politicians were “in Agiannitika Kalivia” and the military were in Meligiotika Kalivia in “today’s village of Meligou”, as the Pyramia group with its few members says every day in the cafes. You “forgot” as deputy mayor in charge of Tourism of the Municipality of North Kynouria to add the whole truth “in Agiannitika Kalivia, in today’s Astros Kynouria, the capital of our municipality”, as did all the mayors of the show for the other villages and “Today’s Meligou” !!! The local community knows the truth of half-truth and does not eat weeds.

We do not know the details of the other big insult and shame, which you secretly and insidiously plan to become a “Digital Museum” in Paralio Astros and for the National Assembly. When you decide to inform the local community about all the details and issues of the proposed Museum we will comment accordingly. All over the world, museums are located next to historical monuments.

Let us recall the truth about Paralio Astros and the Greek legislation for the name Astros.

Essentially, Paralio Astros was built from 1825 and later by the Agiannitis general Panos Zafeiropoulos, as our Paraliotes, “SETTLEMENT OF ASTROS BEACH”, honor with a statue in the central square.

It is no coincidence that in the electoral list of 1871 of Paralio Astros ,Anastasios Paschos from Agiannis a landowner, is the first to be mentioned.

Administrative changes of the Local Authorities of D. Thyreas, Prefecture of Arcadia

Government Gazette 16A – 24/05/1835 Establishment of the municipality based in the settlement of Agios Ioannis

Government Gazette 5A – 08/03/1841 The settlement of Astros is defined as the winter seat of the municipality, The settlement of Agios Ioannis is defined as the summer seat of the municipality

With the actions of the Zafeiropoulos, the settlement named Paralio Astros was annexed to the municipality of Thyreas in 1845, because it simply did not exist earlier in 1835 or 1841 …


Government Gazette 32A – 08/12/1845 The settlement is annexed to the municipality of Thyreas

Government Gazette 252A – 24/08/1912 The settlement is detached from the municipality of Thyreas and is designated as the seat of the community of Paralio Astros

In our municipality today there are officially the communities of Astros and Paralio Astros.

This is the Greek legislation and the reality, the conversation about the name Astros officially ended 180 years ago and the name Paralio Astros officially exists for a specific settlement 176 years ago, after the settlement of Akouros.

Let’s see “the photos at the end of the 19th century” for Paralio Astros, after the settlement of Zafeiropoulos and let’s count the houses ….. they say it all ..

Let us not fool the world with maps of castles and rocks without inhabitants. Also Estella Castle or Oria Castle is located in Xirokambi. The inhabitants are the “states”, says Thucydides, not the cities and the castles. There are no villages without inhabitants from Nikias to Akouros. On the hill of Paralio Astros there is the Castle of Paralio Astros, as correctly mentioned by the Ministry of Culture and on the website of our municipality, which was also named Estella by the Venetians, as we see in the maps that some interpret according to their interest.

We read and listen in the public debate and the press every day to the “experts” who made science and change the meaning of words and facts, as it suits them best. “Thucydides outlines the distorting effects of the moral and political crisis on the use of language:” and the arbitrary claim of names in works was exchanged for justification. “They changed the established meaning of words, depending on how it suited them.”

Mr. Deputy Mayor, let’s get to that.

It is easy to throw mud in the fan to be manges, but sometimes we have to suggest solutions, otherwise we become graphic.

We do not know what feasible and legal solution to the issue is proposed by the Pyramia group. It seems that neither the group knows nor is interested in a solution. We do not think he proposes to name Astros ten square meters in Atsiganos and the matter is over.

If the members of Pyramia were honest they should suggest the name Pyramia for Paralio Astros, it would be an honor for all of us to have the ancient name of the settlement and we would not be dealing with a hole in the water today.

Mr. Deputy Mayor, you have to choose from two options and of course you have the right to do nothing or do whatever you want.

Let me tell you about our neighbor in Soulinari in Agiannis, your late grandfather Barba George was sharp man and always said things by name.

Your first choice is to tell us publicly and openly by name.

What is the name of Paralio Astros and what is the name of Paralio Astros Castle, according to Greek legislation, we want to hear it loudly, to be heard as far as Paralio Astros.

Tell us in which “present village” the Second National Assembly of the Greeks took place and also in which “present village” the Kolokotron dinner was held in 1821 (which was what our military said, we know it “in the present village of Meligou”).

Your second option is to applaud the Pyramia and personally charge the resin for this quarrel and the silly self-shots for a hole in the water, in how many square meters is the historic Astros Kynourias. Also better to encourage the group to continue spreading false news for our collection.

We do not need to say it, but we will say it, you know the leaders go forward, “it depends on you”, (said Zaimis to the old man of Moria), to stop this disgrace, for a hole in the water. The right choice and responsibility is yours. We will find everything in front of us.

Finally we propose our own solution, to stop the quarrel for a hole in the water. Some do not know how to suggest anything and what a possible solution means, but they know very well how to shoot themselves and make holes in our boat.

Paralio Astros to be renamed Pyramia or to merge into a community with the historic Astros, to finally have a big Astros, to stop the stupid self-shots and to see fate in the sun or to isolate the “isolated and discredited” and from the local community of Paralio Astros few and let them talk in their sleep. There is no other possible solution let us not be fooled.

On the contrary, we do not stone anyone but we move our hands, so that we do not all drown ….

The visitors of our website, are numbered in thousands in almost 2 months, from the first countries are about 52% from Greece and the rest in a row from America, Canada, Australia, Germany, England, Switzerland, Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, Finland. We have visitors from many other countries, such as China.

“We are here to inform you and to promote Astros, Thyrea, the Municipality of North Kynouria, the neighboring villages and Greece”

“Our friends and neighbors, we are all in the same boat of Thyrea, no one is left, we never drill holes, nor do we let others drill holes…, because eventually we will all sink and drown When someone visits us he does not come to see only one square, always sees more let us understand.

“Let’s put it another way and in a nutshell, it is in our interest to show” what we have “and our neighbors (and it is in our interest not to shoot ourselves).), Full stop.”

Take a look at

We finished, let us remind you something about the website of our municipality, that you are the deputy mayor in charge of Tourism, you owe it to us.

1) When will you post on the website of our municipality a page about Astros, the capital of our municipality, as you have for the other villages e.g. Paralio Astros

See if you have time on our page for Astros

The historic Astros of Kynouria

2) When will you post the obvious, according to your texts and photos, for the supposedly doing projects.

Archaiological Sights & Museums |

“When will you post, according to your tourism program, on the website of the municipality two photos with two words, the sign of the” Sacred Space “of the 2nd National Assembly of the Greeks, which took place in the historic Astros Kynouria, and the plaque of the Karytsiotis school in Agianni, where was the capital of our revolutionary homeland? “

3) When will you fix the following

Archaeological Museum of Astros

The school was destroyed in 1826 by Ibrahim Pasha, but was later restored by relatives of Karytsiotis. In the following years, it became a school and in 1959, ?????????? became an archeological museum. It closed in 2008 due to earthquake damage.

It was donated to the Ephorate of Antiquities by the Municipality of Astros and after significant repairs and maintenance it was transformed into a Museum of Kynouria by the curator of Antiquities Mr. Th. Spyropoulos, ???????? in the year 1985.

See our comments

Let us also mention a pearl that our municipality knows and does not care or discuss. Even today he says on his website “In the following years, it became a school and in 1959, it became an archeological museum”. 1966 was definitely not a museum, it was Lyke of Astros, I graduated in 1966 from the Lyceum of Astros. In 1959 the museum was definitely in a neighboring building of the farm.

On the contrary, we read intentionally or unintentionally inaccuracies on the website of our municipality about the museum that “rewrite” history to their liking, “was turned into a Museum of Kynouria by the curator”…. that some people think it is nothing great to advertise employees who happened to hold a position in the Ministry of Education and Science at that time and who “did not do the real job” that others started many years earlier and ended, our late respected professor “ancient Greek” Kyriakos (Koulis) Hasapogiannis, whom we “forgot” to project inaccuracies.

See our page for the Astros Archaeological Museum for the truth, all the details about the “Museum workers” and 1959.

The Archaeological Museum of Astros

4) When will you fix the following pearls

Agios Andreas

Agios Andreas The village is characterized as a “gateway” for the picturesque Kastritochoria, ?????????? since one can visit Kastanitsa, Prastos, from there, while 5 km outside the village begins the unique gorge of Zarbanitsa “.

5) When will you fix the following pearls

Lepidas Gorge The Lepida Gorge, although not very big, has a wonderful natural beauty. To reach the gorge you have two options either from Kato Doliana ?????????? or from Kastritochoria ??????????

Let’s put it another way because you do not download the website of our municipality better, until you think about what you should post.

By the way, let us remind you of a demand of our citizens, to name our municipality with its historical and real name Municipality of Thyreas, it is never too late.

Finally, we want to remind you of the legal obligations of our municipality, which does not answer justified questions to citizens even when giving the protocol numbers.

We finished and said it all

If you want, give our letter to our mayor, who will probably help him in his difficult task.

Yours sincerely

John Kourogiorgas


From Astros tis Thalassis, The photo Historical Photo Album for Paralio Astros

#astrosgreecegr / John Koutogiorgas

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