Our mountains and castles

From the “Mount Parnon and Moustos Wetland Management Agency, 2015. Guide for the protected area of ​​Mount Parnon and Moustos Wetland. Nature, Culture, Ecotourism. Astros of Arcadia “.

The enchanting and brilliant Parnonas, beautiful and diamond beaches, fishing villages and spas, the picturesque villages of Parnonas with their unique physiognomy, identity and architecture, the mythology, the dozens of archeological sites, the rich history, the inexhaustible folklore, the inexhaustible monuments, monasteries and hermitages, Tsakonia, the flora of the area with rare medicinal and aromatic plants, the interesting fauna, the wetland of Moustos, amazing gorges and plateaus, Dini, caves, threshing floors, wells, stone bridges, waterways , castles, prisons, towers and tower houses, inns, lime kilns, olive presses, flax, traditional ovens, dry stones, flocks and herds, old paths, earth festivals, festivals, “encounters” and so many other “treasures” of able to enchant and win over even the most demanding visitor. “With the main feature of the area being the ‘encounter’ of the beautiful mountain with the sparkling sea, the Municipality of North Kynouria invites its visitors on a magical journey.”

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Our mountains

Our casstles

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