10) Portes beach and Argolikos gulf


Archaeological Sights and Museums of the Thyreatis Land

The Argolic has enchanting beaches and the “sun and the sea” of the Argolic is charming, whoever comes once after comes constantly.

“With the main feature of the area the” meeting “of the beautiful mountain with the sparkling sea, the Municipality of North Kynouria invites its visitors on a magical journey.”

The most picturesque Paralio Astros, “the island” Paralio Astros, is perched on the hill and the ancients called the hill the “island”. Paralio Astros has nothing to envy from any Aegean island, it has it all, it is only two hours from Athens, it is very close “to the mountain” Parnonas, from its port the access to the “Aegean islands” is easy, is located close to the most important archaeological sites of our country and is very close to the historic Astros, the historic Agiannis and beautiful historical traditional villages.

Portes beach is within walking distance ❤ km> from Astros and <2.5 km> from the port of Paralio Astros, a magical walk.

“At Portes beach ended one of the two drainage canals, built by Bavarian engineers, during the reign of Otto… (The other is our well-known canal from Moustos to the sea). The purpose of the drainage channels was to reduce the area of ​​the Moustos swamp and thus alleviate the problem of malaria, which was the scourge of the area.… The Doors were two iron doors, attached to the three elegant “legs”, which did not block the water of the Moustos to roll in the sea, but when Batis was caught the Doors closed with the blows of the first waves… Thus they prevented the marsh from being refilled with sea water… This project, limiting the extent of the marsh and the problems it created, acted as a catalyst for the development of the whole area ». (The text by our friend Nikos Mylonas)

“We are close to everything and we have it all.”

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