“We owe it to Tsakonia.”


 Tsakones friends, Tsakones friends and Tsakonia friends

It is remarkable that the Tsakonian culture is kept intact and alive for 3,000 years. This is not accidental but it is due to the passion and devotion of our ancestors, to maintain and carry the flame of Tsakonia through the centuries. This passion and devotion to Tsakonia is as evident and alive today as ever, may you all be well. As neighbors and friends of Tsakonia, we admire you and thank you for inspiring us and giving us “the passion for Tsakonia”.

In our digital age we must quickly catch the train of history. The Tsakonian language has remarkably been preserved intact orally over the centuries but we all understand that we must participate in our digital age to more easily achieve more for our children. We must speak, but we must also learn to write Tsakonika and most importantly if we want to better maintain the flame of our ancestors, we must also teach our children to speak and write Tsakonika.

With everything you do every day for the Tsakonian culture, you inspired us to participate as we can and we know in this great and difficult effort.

On our website  astrosgr.com/en we designed the section The Tsakones a “blueprint for a website” that with the offer of many others, m ore experts from us, can later be improved and become a useful e-book, for preservation, learning and promotion of the Tsakonian language. We all know “WRITINGS REMAIN”.

The goal is to write e-language courses in a series for students of the future and at the same time to offer other useful relevant texts about Tsakonia, the obvious and what we can. We will find the right volunteers, we can not do everything.

We do not intend here to replace Kostakis Defner or the Tsakonia Archive. We try to make something simple and easy to use, yet easily accessible on our mobile phones, which will help our new friends to easily come into first contact with the Tsakonian language, to learn five basic things and then find their way. The report will be there and will improve over time for an easy use for those who want. “In our digital age we must quickly catch the train of history.”

I’m sure you will take a look at the draft of the “Tsakones” page and submit your own suggestions so that we can make something better together with many others. We owe it to Tsakonia.

This draft is daring because personally we are not teachers and we do not speak Tsakonika but you stuck the disease “passion for Tsakonia” and we consider such a thing self-evident for everyone, that should have happened.

We throw the draft of the section  The Tsakones – astrosgr.com , the idea and “what we can do” to all Tsakones, teachers, friends of Tsakonia and public organizations that I am sure will continue better than us. There are many ways to achieve that “we owe to Tsakonia”, we can still look for funding from the Ministry of Culture, NSRF and UNESCO. To put it bluntly, the Municipality of South Kynouria, the Municipality of North Kynouria, the communities of Leonidio and of course organizations that have done a lot of work, such as the Tsakonia Archive, have the first say.

Eventually we will succeed in our work, when we see an admirable website about the Tsakonians and the Tsakonian language, which sooner or later will be done by the competent organizations with the participation of all the friends of Tsakonia. We owe it to Tsakonia.

Take a look at the topics / categories on The Tsakones – astrosgr.com main page. We do not suggest changing what you are doing today, but continuing the same and more that you can do with the same passion. Just all this and much more than the existing ones we will organize and coordinate them into categories in the section “The Tsakones” for easy access by our friends.

The section The Tsakones – astrosgr.com  will deal primarily with the documentation of the Tsakonian language.

Of course there will be questions that we will be happy to discuss.

Thank you. Να έτε κα> Be well.

John Kourogiorgas

Friend of Tsakonia

The Tsakones

astrosgr.com/en / John Koutogiorgas

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