Arcadiko Village of Arcadia

The Arcadiko Village is 15 km from Astros

Leaving Agios Andreas, in the direction of Leonidio, the visitor meets the Arcadian Village, a modern and model settlement for expatriate Hellenism which was created with the main goal of reconnecting the ubiquitous Arcadians with their place of origin and strengthening Greek culture. their identity.

Beaches From our Municipality “

The homonymous beach of the model settlement of the Arcadian village on the road from Agios Andreas to Leonidio. It is located 1.5 km from the settlement. The beach is a small bay that extends 110 meters in length. Pebble beach. The waters are clear and not very deep. Access to the beach is via a path. The beach is not organized, but has toilets, showers and trash cans. Along the coast there are canopies of cloth on iron stakes. The maximum number of bathers is estimated at 150 people. “

The beach To Kryoneri “Magnificent beach, between Arkadiko Chorio and Tyros, with turquoise cold waters, rich pebbles and vegetation that reaches the water. Favorite beach of young people and those who feel young. It has a beach bar that gives rhythm to the summer holidays with party until morning and special events. It got its name from the springs that exist on land, one of which supplies water to the island of Spetses via watercraft – but also from the fresh water that gushes into the sea. The settlement has rooms to let and cottages. “There is an important underwater cave in the area for those who are engaged in underwater exploration and are looking for underwater emotions.”

The beach of Sampatiki Probably the most beautiful beach of Arcadia.

 The name Sampatiki came from the obvious admiration of the neighbors who said “as you go there” you will see…. Sampatiki is 41 km from Astros and 26 km from the Arcadian Village Leonidio is 50 km away from Astros and the holy monastery of Elona 65 km.

From the Greek Travel Pages

 “After Tyros on the road to Leonidio is the idyllic bay of Sampatiki on the south side of a small peninsula. With crystal clear waters and beautiful natural environment is probably the most beautiful beach of Arcadia. On the north side is the settlement of Livadi with a large nice beach. Sampatiki and Livadi are old fishing settlements and are inhabited mainly by the inhabitants of the nearby village of Pramatefti. The beach of Sampatiki with its picturesque port and beautiful small settlement is an attraction for many vacationers in summer. The small church of Panagia is located on the beach, while many fishing boats moor in the bay “.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 “Arkadiko Chorio is a settlement in the province of North Kynouria in Arcadia. It is built on a peninsula at Mikri Pepontina, after the village of Agios Andreas on the road to Leonidio. To the west rises the Parnon mountain range. It is 55 km east of Tripoli, 45 km south of Nafplio, 12 km south of Astros and 33 km north of Leonidio. It is a model and independent settlement that was conceived as an idea in the early 80’s by Arkades expatriates of America and began to be implemented at the end. It joined a national pilot program aimed at reconnecting Greeks abroad with their place of origin through the creation of holiday homes. “In the final phase of the program, 300-350 houses, a hotel, a conference center, sports facilities and other facilities were planned to be built, [2] but the Greek debt crisis has put its completion in doubt.” / John Koutogiorgas

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