Kastri of Arcadia

From the “Mount Parnon and Moustos Wetland Management Agency, 2015. Guide for the protected area of ​​Mount Parnon and Moustos Wetland. Nature, Culture, Ecotourism. Astros of Arcadia


Kastritochoria, centered on Kastri-Agios Nikolaos, are located on a verdant and complex in terms of flora slope of Parnon. Magnificent natural landscape and beautiful settlements that create a separate unit of seven villages, Kastri, Elatos, Karatoulas, Mesorrachi, Nea Chora, Perdikovrisi and Oria. The oral tradition states that the seven settlements were created by inhabitants of the coastal area of ​​Thyrea, near Astros, who, in order to escape the invasions of the enemies, coming from the sea, proceeded to the mountainous areas, following mainly its riverbed. of the river Tanos and its tributaries. These first settlers were followed by other Thyrates who were scattered in the settlements of Kastri and thus their population increased. During the Turkish occupation, the Kastritochoria actively participated in the revolution of 1821. After the liberation from the Turks, when by a decree of 1834/5 the Municipalities of the Prefecture of Arcadia were formed, the Municipality of Tania was created, which included the Kastritochoria. In 1912 the Municipality of Tania was abolished and communities were established in the area. In the years that followed, the population almost doubled until the war of 1940, when it began to decline due to the blood tax on the Germans, the civil war and later internal and external immigration. Kastri- Mountain village of Parnonas at an altitude of 950 m. Kastri is surrounded by chestnut trees, walnuts, cherries and plane trees and is located 35 km west of Astros. It is the largest village of a complex of seven villages that all together used to be called Kastri or Kastritochoria and due to the rich vegetation are characterized as the “Pelion of Arcadia” (See p. 322). Its old name was Agios Nikolaos and most of its inhabitants are engaged in the production of chestnuts and the cultivation of the land. Particularly characteristic is the paved central square of the village with unrestricted views of the river Tanos and Mount Parnon, around which operate most of the shops, cafes and taverns. The church of Agios Nikolaos is an attraction of the village, with its imposing bell tower and clock. The stone architecture of the village is typical in the houses, but also in the public buildings. The visitor can get acquainted with the popular culture of the area that unfolds in the shrines, watermills, threshing floors and stone fountains that are preserved to this day and explore the natural environment of Parnon through the actions of the Environmental Education Center that operates on the ground floor of the stone primary school of the village (See p. 447). From the village begins an interesting path to the gorge of the river Tanos. It is worth noting that until the period of the 1970s Kastri was the most dynamic center of North Kynouria, since here, in addition to the rich economic traffic, the flourishing of trade and the intense cultural activity, there was a radio station, an organized hospital and many public -administrative services.

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 Beautiful Village, named after the complex of seven Kastritochorion, as the largest village in the area until 1960. The other villages are Messorachi, Perdikovrisi, Nea Chora, Karatoulas, Oria and Elatos. 25 Kilometers from Tripoli, it is located at an altitude of 950 meters and is a traditional mountain village that combines tranquility and leisure opportunities, such as walks, the discovery of mountain nature and the gorges of Parnon but also offers the possibility of religious ascension as northeast of the village is a one of the most picturesque monasteries, of Timios Prodromos. It has a tourist infrastructure with rooms for rent and many taverns for food. The visitor can get to know the popular culture through shrines, watermills, threshing floors and traditional fountains that are still preserved today and explore the environment and nature of Parnon through the Environmental Education Center that operates in the square. For those who are enchanted by unique routes in nature, from the village begins a road that ends through Vourvouron and Karya in the national Tripoli-Sparta. Captain Zacharias Varvitsiotis acted in Kastri with a great participation in the struggle of 1821. https://www.discoverkynouria.gr/el/sights/kastri

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Kastri or Kastritochoria is a mountainous historical community of Arcadia, which consists of seven villages (complex of villages) and specifically these are: Agios Nikolaos which is considered the head of Kefalochori, Mesorrachi, Oria, Nea Chora, Elatos, Perdikovrisi ,Karatoulas. [3] In the area is also the Monastery T. of Prodromos, while it is also crossed by the river Tanos. It borders with the villages: Agios Petros, Ano Doliana, Vourvoura, Koutroufa and Stolos.

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