School photos, Our teachers -Pho

Photos and texts from the website Thyreatis land (northern kynouria  Θυρεατις γη (βορεια κυνουρια Anniversary of March 25 in the 50s. From the archive of the Kordogiannis family. Pupils beautifully dressed for the celebration of March 25 in the 1950s in front of the then high school Astros in the school Karytsioti, today Archaeological Museum … Continue reading“School photos, Our teachers -Pho”

by Γιάννης ΚουρόγιωργαςSeptember 7, 2022

School photos, in the 1960s-Ph

Θυρεατις γη (βορεια κυνουρια Our respect and admiration for the monuments and our history is evident, when 55 years ago we worshiped the “Holy Space” of the Second National Assembly of the Greeks. This space can not be taken from us. This space is ours, it belongs to the local community and it does not … Continue reading“School photos, in the 1960s-Ph”

by Γιάννης ΚουρόγιωργαςSeptember 7, 2022

Our mountains, Parnonas -Ph

The name Parnonas means bright glow, from the light of the second sun or from the light of the moon. Published by John Kourogiorgas / John Koutogiorgas Back to /Dedicated to Thyreatis Land

by Γιάννης ΚουρόγιωργαςSeptember 7, 2022

Old Astrinoi and Agiannites # 1 -PH

Photos from the website Thyreatis Land Θυρεατις γη (βορεια κυνουρια Agiannites in the square of AiGiorgis in Agiannis late 19th to early 20th century Very old photo from the end of the 19th century, Agiannites on an excursion to Xerokambi, the seated aristocrats of the time and occupying with their European clothes …. and the … Continue reading“Old Astrinoi and Agiannites # 1 -PH”

by Γιάννης ΚουρόγιωργαςSeptember 7, 2022

Κάστρο Παλαμήδι στο Ναύπλιο/Castle Palamidi in Nafplio – / John Koutogiorgas

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We will soon start posting photos

1)Our villages

1-1. Astros

1-2. Agiannis

1-33. Paralio Astros

1-4. Traditional Villages

1-5. Traditional houses

1-6  School photos, Our teachers -Pho

School photos, in the 1960s-Ph

1-6. Old Astrinoi and Agiannites # 1 -PH

2. The Argolic gulf and our beaches

2-1. The sun and the sea Ο Αργολικός και οι παραλίες μας-Φ

2-2. Beaches

2-3. Coastal villages

2-4. East of the Argolic gulf

2-5. The Aegean islands

 3. Archaeological sites and museums

3-1. Archaeological sites and museums of Thyreas

3-2. Most important archeological sites and museums in Greece

3-3. Historical monuments


4. Our mountains and castles

4-1. Our mountains, Parnonas -Ph

4-2. Must



5. Monasteries and churches

5-1. Monasteries

5-2. Churches

5-3. Mystras

5-4. Neighbors

6. Sights

6-1. Astros

6-2. Agiannis

6-33. Our villages


7. News

7-1. Α

7-2. Β 3.

8. Events and festivals

8-1. Ε

8-2. Π 3.

9.The Tsakones

9.1 A

9.2 B

10. Various topics / John Koutogiorgas

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