On May 29, 1453 “Polis Ealo”, but the war continues today.

On the map above the Byzantine Empire in 555 AD it was at its peak

The three maps brilliantly describe the history lessons that are very relevant today ,the war it is not over…..

On May 29, 1453, “Black Tuesday” and a frustrating day for the Greek nation, Christianity and Western civilization, “Polis Ealo”, the Queen city  was conquered and enslaved by the Ottoman “barbaric” conquerors. The fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans was described as “the disgrace of the Latins” because the few fanatics who teach their children hatred of Western civilization have not stopped the war until today and the “west” accepts them without any reaction, ignoring their own fall. it becomes daily inevitable.

“Power wears out and money corrupts” in 1453 and today, we have not forgotten the “all sacrifice” prime ministers of a scorched earth …

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“The Byzantine Empire of the first years of the 13th century was in turmoil and in decline. “The economy was going from bad to worse, corruption in the state apparatus was growing, and the exploitation of the people by state officials and the systematic neglect of the provinces by the emperors had alienated the provinces from the capital.”

Essentially, the end of the Byzantine Empire began in 1204 with the fourth crusade that the “Praetorians” of power invited to the Queen city to take back the lost “spoons” from the other Praetorians. The empire after 1204 was divided into smaller “empires” and incessant civil wars between them from 1204 to 1453. they finally handed over the Queen city to the Ottomans.

Byzantine Empire after 1204 was divided into smaller “empires” and the civils wars were not ended.

The Ottomans, undisturbed by the civil wars between the Praetorian emperors, began their own grand plan to take the city, which had begun before 1204 and was completed almost 300 years later, something the Latins of Disgrace do not understand today. ».

The “marbled King” was eventually left alone with 2,000 mercenaries, 5,000 political guards and 170 Sfakians to defend the city in front of 150,000 fanatical Ottomans.

Earlier, he had outlined the proposal of Mohammed II to surrender the city in exchange for his freedom and the Despotate of Morea.

“And the city is not given to you by me, nor by the other people who live in this common opinion, we all die voluntarily and we do not live our lives.”\7

The Byzantine Empire in 1450 was ready to surrender and be enslaved to its enemies.

The Ottomans working in their plan for 300 years and they never had stop.

It was a “black Tuesday” on May 29, 1453, when Constantine Paleologos, the last emperor of Byzantium, “fell” in front of the Gate of Agios Romanos, defending the Queen.

The heroes of Sfakion continued the resistance and the massacre of the Ottomans even after the fall until the death of the latter.

The “marbled King” emperor Constantine Paleologos exclaimed loudly before his impending death.

 “Do not exists one Christian to take my head from me?”

Four hudrend years later when the Greek revolution in the second year showed the difficulties that existed, our English friends sent an admiral to reconcile the wars. The admiral met the old man of Morias in Nafplio and asked him to reconcile with the Turkish conquerors and the old man of Morias gave the answer.

Below, the old man of Moria says it all in two words.

– We never surrendered, we fought the Turkish conquerors non-stop for four hundred years in the plains and in the mountains, and to better understand the admiral continued. Fire and ax to the collaborators of the conquerors. The admiral understood well and the meeting ended quickly.

On May 29, 1453 “Polis Ealo” but the war by fortunately a few fanatics continues today, let our friends wake up one day in the “west” to avoid their own fall.


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