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Photos and texts from the website Thyreatis land (northern kynouria

 Θυρεατις γη (βορεια κυνουρια

Anniversary of March 25 in the 50s. From the archive of the Kordogiannis family.

Pupils beautifully dressed for the celebration of March 25 in the 1950s in front of the then high school Astros in the school Karytsioti, today Archaeological Museum of Astros. The philologist Ioannis Arvanitis can be seen sitting in the middle in front standing behind him and our highest respected professor our mathematician Lambros Kordogiannis who although he was strict for many in the grading he always graded me excellently in all subjects, unfortunately for us he left Astros quickly around 1963. Here I have to confess publicly for me the best teachers I had were Lambros Kordogiannis and Panos Kampilis. They were both strict but they always tried with great interest to learn letters, so that we would not be “eaten by the marmaga”, as Panos Kampilis discreetly told us “Read so that the marmaga does not eat you”, which means you will remain illiterate, you will not progress , you will not succeed in university and you will starve in your life from poverty.

Anniversary of March 25, 1946. Teachers and students of Astros High School are immortalized in the schoolyard a few years after liberation from German occupation. Professors Ioan. Sioutos, Kon. Are recognized from the left. Kallitsis, Nik.Floudas, Mr. Hasapogiannis,… At the far right of the photo the school caretaker Stratis Pentafronimos. The photo from the archive of Kostas Pentafronimos

The museum also has a large courtyard area, where there are chimneys in the rooms of the boarding students of the school, can be seen in the photo, with their own story, which has been turned into an archeological park and exhibition.

Teachers of Astros High School in the ‘40s. From left 2nd Pan. Talliadoros, 3rd Sun. Hasapogiannis, 4th Nik. Floudas, 5th Ioannis Kouskounas, 6th Kon. Kallitsis, 7th Ioan. Pentafronimos. The photo from the archive of the family of Ioannis Pentafronimos.

In the farm of Astros in the 50’s. We recognize: in the front, sitting in the middle, Kyriakos (Koulis) Hasapogiannis – philologist – while in the back row, due to his height, Lambros Kordogiannis – mathematician stands out. Next to him, standing, second from the right is the philologist Ioannis Arvanitis. From the archive of the Kordogiannis family.

Gymnastic demonstrations in the upper stadium (nun field) where today is the church of Agios Pavlos in the 50’s. From left I. Sioutos, K. Hasapogiannis, K. Kallitsis, L. Kordogiannis.

The Hellenic Judicial Committee in June 1963. At the microphone the professor of Physical Education Lafazanis. Olive wreaths are there to crown the winners.

Distinguished from the left are our respected professors, philologist Panos Kampilis, mathematician Lambros Kordogiannis, gymnast P. Lafazanis and professor Maria Ploumpi in the 1960s, in the old stadium – courtyard of the then high school Astros for the three youngest at the Karytsioti school, today the Archaeological Museum of Astros and our teachers walked every day and sometimes they were late to arrive on time; in winter there was mud on the streets ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The old Primary School of Agios Ioannis. It operated from 1867 to 1960..In Agiannis in 1829 in the village there was a Mutual School with about 150 students.

The photo was taken in front of the old primary school of Agiannis in 1958 by our fellow photographer and barber Thanasis Koutivas. Our late teacher Leonidas Kolovos can be seen with most of the students of the school, some of whom were absent that day. Some students are barefoot, most of us did not wear shoes during the summer months… We are lucky to have had a teacher, about 60-80 students, some say 100 some years, who did everything he could to teach us letters. Most of us farming parents raised their children with a lot of effort, love and an ardent desire to learn letters and “change lives”. The photo and the accompanying text by John Kourogiorgas / John Koutogiorgas

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