Public and private health, “the priest and the farmer” in welfare states

Tommy Douglas, a Canadian politician, is known worldwide as the father of Canada’s public health system.

We have all understood, following the daily news, that the “waste” that occurs everywhere in public health, medical care or “para-health”, in education or “para-education” and in the defense of the country is not excessive, but it is countless and brought us to our knees, it is not only the barbarians’ fault…, and if we do not change course we will disappear as a nation. It is a pity that we once had the “past greatness”, but we forgot it all. We will leave the “para-education” and the “round submarines” once again and we will deal here with public health.

The great absence and inadequacy of the state, and in the field of public health, encourages kickbacks and envelopes. It seems strange we do not want or can not close the famous holes in our boat and as a result we will all sink. The public interest is the positions that aim to improve the whole of society or at least most of the citizens. On the contrary, the private interest, the “private profit”, the private health or the “para-health” aim at the improvement of only certain citizens in order to obtain ornaments that they do not need and will distinguish them in the society.

We managed to have a public health that does not work and that does not want to do anything, everything is so difficult, .. a public health that encourages private health or “para-health”, which works better if you have to give them, let it be too much, and a state that remains a spectator and also does nothing. We are useless priests and farmers, with the result that some smart people call them and many suffer and complain about everything.

We do not want and continue to strangely “do nothing”.

Others decided and wanted to do something, they were not the smartest of us, they just wanted to.

Let’s see below what they do in Canada. Canada has the best public health system in the world. There are many reasons why it is the best public health system in the world but we will mention and emphasize the following.

“Private insurers can not compete with public health care and hospital insurance programs”…

“Hospitals (and doctors) are largely prohibited from treating both patients whose care is paid for by provincial plans and patients who pay directly.”

“The ban on private insurance for benefits covered by provinces”… ..

The Canadian welfare state intervenes “when and where needed”.

Canada wanted and decided to have a public health system and tells doctors whether you will be priests and farmers , or we will have a public health system or we will have a private health system. Canadian law has forced doctors to want a public health system, which of course has problems but has a state that fixes it every day, because they simply want and can.

Tommy Douglas, a Canadian politician, is known worldwide as the father of Canada’s public health system.

In the 1944 provincial elections in Saskatchewan, Canada, the Social Democratic Party of the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF), led by Tommy Douglas, won. It was the first left-wing party victory in North America. Tommy Douglas has introduced the free access of all Saskatchewan citizens to health services, under the full financial responsibility of the State. At the initiative of the then federal government, Douglas’ law was eventually extended to all of Canada, eventually taking the form of the current Federal Health System. “

The vast majority of Canadians, say 98% of the population, use the public health system. Private Health is still in its infancy in Canada and if Canadians want to find private health they must look hard to find it. Canadians do not know what sachets are, this is no exaggeration, there are no sachets in Canadian public health, I personally did not think about it for forty-three years and of course I could not do it.

Public health in Canada is the responsibility of the provincial government. , which is almost 7 times larger than the area of ​​our homeland, he says on his website.

“Ontario’s health system is one of the best in the world. Eligible Ontarians can access a variety of health care services in their community. ”

For those who want to see details see the links below.

In the link below there are in five languages ​​and in Greek, you read correctly, five leaflets that briefly say about public health. Press Greek

A Princeton University study says it all:

Hospital Financing in Canada – Princeton University

Hospital Financing in Canada by Morris L. Barer

Among the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries, Canada is the only country that has no private sector involvement in hospital and medical insurance. Private insurers cannot compete with public health care and hospital insurance programs, but can only cover services not covered by provincial plans (eg prescription drugs, outpatient care, dental care, cosmetic surgery, optometry). A large percentage of the population has some private coverage, usually paid by employers. Hospitals (and doctors) are largely prohibited from treating both patients whose care is paid for by provincial plans and patients who pay directly. payers of much of the health care received by Canadians ”

The United Nations makes an annual report on the Human Development Index (HDI), which measures the average length of time a person can expect to live, the quality of health, access to education and living standards. In this report in the first ten places are undisputed, for the last twenty years at least, the countries that have as a model the Welfare State such as Norway, Australia, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden. “The welfare state has given Western societies the opportunity to experience a great economic boom,” he continues today.

Canada is in this category, often in the first place, mainly for its public health system.

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