Old Astrinoi and Agiannites # 1 -PH

Photos from the website Thyreatis Land

Θυρεατις γη (βορεια κυνουρια

Agiannites in the square of AiGiorgis in Agiannis late 19th to early 20th century

Very old photo from the end of the 19th century, Agiannites on an excursion to Xerokambi, the seated aristocrats of the time and occupying with their European clothes …. and the standing village servants not owning with their own traditional clothes …..

Astrinoι dance in the square in Astros in the 1950s

Backgammon and cafe, Astrinoi in the 1950s in the cafe “Trick” by Tzivelopoulos or Giorgona, we also had our nicknames, in the square in Astros.

Celebrating the 200 years (1765 – 1965) from the reconstruction of the Karytsiotis school in Agiannis, November 7, 1965, a group of visitors is photographed in front of the founding inscription of the School in Koutri, where during the Turkish occupation and until 1826 the School of Agios Ioannis was located. on the right the notary Kyriakos Kouskounas and in front of him, on the right the doctor Giannakis Efthimiou. On the top left with the coat is Nikolaos Alexandrou with his son George in front of him.

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Photos from the website Thyreatis Land

Θυρεατις γη (βορεια κυνουρια

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