Castle of Paralio Astros or of Zafeiropoulon

Panos (Akouros) Zafeiropoulos, is one of the most important, or rather the most important Agiannitis before the revolution of 1821 and his contribution to Thyreatida Earth and the homeland is incalculable and passed in the fine print of history, is not mentioned in the history books and is strangely unknown for its great offers in our country.

The mansion of Zafeiropouloi in Agios Ioannis is located very close below the school Karytsiotis of Agiannis and above the spring Soulinari. Here Akouros saved and temporarily transported the smoked 1500 books of the Karytsiotis school before transporting them for better protection to the castle of Paralio Astros.

 At the beginning of July 1826, the military corps of Panos Zafeiropoulos slaughtered 400 Arabs in an ambush set up by Mehmet aga of Tripoli. This was a very heavy blow to the Ottomans. That is why Ibrahim Pasha completely destroyed Agios Ioannis and the whole province of Agios Petros “

Ibrahim slaughtered and burned the whole Peloponnese, but he could never defeat Akuros, although he had temporarily captured him, not even in the battle of 5 and 6 August 1826 in the castle of Paralio Astros, someone had to resist and it is our great honor this was Agiannitis Panagiotis Zafeiropoulos (Akouros).

500 books were saved from the burning of the Karytsiotis School in Agiannis, which were kept in 1827 in the house of the Zafeiropoulais (Castle of Paralio Astros). These books were, according to tradition, placed in an old wooden library located in the offices of the School. Many of these books have been saved and recorded today. These books were mostly texts of ancient philosophers and writers, ecclesiastical texts, textbooks of physics, mathematics, etc. “

2: The Library of the Karytsiotis School. Christina Koulouri. 1991. From the Castrologist Paralio Astros Castle – Greek Castles – \ “

On Paralio Astros and on the southern top of the hill (island) that dominates the port, there is a castle from the years of Frankish rule. It is often referred to as the Castle (or Tower) of the Zafeiropoulos.


 In the later years of Ottoman rule the castle was formed into a strong defensive complex.

In the 18th century, three brothers, the Zafeiropoulos brothers, wealthy merchants abroad, returned to their homeland to fight against the Turks and built three houses on the castle site, while shaping its interior. These houses are typical examples of the pre-revolutionary architecture of the area and survive to this day, the first two in half-ruined and the third in ruined condition.

Structural, Architectural, Fortification Elements

It has a four-sided plan and maintains a large part of the fortification enclosure and one of its fort towers. Two external gates of the castle are also preserved.

The Castle in Art and Speech

The construction of the castle is attested by a letter sent in August 1684 to the Venetian general Morosini by a committee of Manians, in which it is stated that the Ottoman conqueror “…

Embrace to build another (castle) in Zarnata, where is the end of our place …”

But also from the French traveler Spon, who visited Moria in 1675, and writes, meaning the castles of Kelefa and Zarnata: Όταν “When we were not far from Manin, we had the pleasure of being informed by some Maniatas, who were sailors on our ship, of the present situation of their place. We were told that some time ago the Turk had cunningly obliged him agree to build and build two castles on the shores of… “»

Sources Smaragdis I. Arvaniti -The castle of Paralio Astros Kynouria first remarks, Athens 2007

The Castle of Paralio Astros or of Zafeiropoulos today is waiting patiently for a basic maintenance, restoration and promotion by the competent authorities.


Castle of Paralio Astros – Greek Castles (


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