The battle in Valtetsi

Like today, May 12, 1821, Kehagiabeis leaves the army from Tripoli, led by the infamous Roubi, to hit Valtetsi and cross to Kalamata, suppressing the Revolution in Moria.

Kolokotronis has lined up the Maniates, the Messinians and the barren Dredes in Valtetsi, all of them the deadliest rifles in Moria, to anchor the Turks and force them to develop around the village. There, Kolokotronis himself will strike them with flanks in a decisive battle, coming with reinforcements from Karytina, the terrible swords of Moria, from the neighboring camps of Chrysovitsi and Piana, while the trap will be completed with the reinforcements that will come from the north. famous swordsmen of Prastos, who will block the escape of the Ottomans to Tripoli. Geros narrates the plan “I told you to make the drums closed. At the edge of the village was a church, to give birth to a tambourine, as well as two waterfalls that dominate the village, where if the Turks come you can be locked inside. They answered me: we are lost! You shut up and I will come to you immediately (with reinforcements) “. The Turks hit Valtetsi mercilessly but the Greek rifle sparkles. The fierce battle continues until noon, when Kolokotronis arrives with reinforcements from Chrysovitsi. From a back he makes a loud voice to the old man Mitropetrova, the best rifle of Messinia, who was in Valtetsi: “Vasta barba Mitro”! Those detained in Valtetsi understand that aid is coming…

In the afternoon, Plapoutas arrives with the help of Piana. At midnight, Kolokotronis supplies the village with naval energy and returns to his drum, shouting loudly for the Turks to hear him: “Hey, old Turks! I am Kolokotronis! I will catch you alive! ”, While he puts several men circling the hills with lighted torches to show that reinforcements are constantly coming. Fotakos narrates: “the war continued unabated all night”. At dawn the reinforcements from Vervena arrive and the battle is now decided.

At dawn the war continued for four hours, when the Turkish troops showed a decline. Rubis sent a coded message to Kehagiabei to retreat, burning gunpowder from his drum. Kehagiabeis agreed, also burning gunpowder from his own drum. Kolokotronis realistically understands the intention of the Turks to retreat. He jumps from his drum standing up and pulls his sword from the holster, shouting with all his might: “Up to the Greeks” !!! And then, a supernatural glow covered the whole of Valtetsi! It was the reflection from the blades of the Greek swords that unfurled and faced the midday sun…

It was afternoon when the Greeks stopped slaughtering the Turks in the plain of Boleta. The Ottomans ran in panic to Tripolitsa to be saved. The Old Man narrates: “We chased them until we took them out to the plain. That war stood the happiness of the homeland. If we got lost, we were in danger of becoming a horde (camp) now “. In order not to endanger the Greeks from the remains of the Turkish cavalry, Geros shouted: “Enough Greeks! Let us kill in other battles as well “!!!

That same night, the leader of the Turkalvanias who fought in Valtetsi, Liobeis, narrates the events in Sarai and says in the presence of all the Turks, addressing the beautiful Marigo, the tortured Greek girl of the harem “Oh, but the god, it is yours! I had fought in so many seferias (wars) with the Tsamides, the Souliotes and the Muscovites (Russians)! But the rifle I saw in Valtetsi is youthful! Go, now go! It’s yours! Your goddess “saw” it! Kolokotronis confesses “I said that we should all fast for the praise of that day and be glorified for centuries, until the nation stands, because it was the freedom of the homeland”…

Delirium of excitement prevails in the Greek camp. Everyone now recognizes the correctness of Kolokotronis’ plan. The Old Man, however, is restrained. He knows that Kehagiabeis will move immediately to Mistra. And this road passes through Vervena and Doliana…

Text: George Th. Prachalias

Γιώργος Πραχαλιάς

 Photo: Map with battle plan / John Koutogiorgas

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