The abundant icy water of Prodromos in Agiannis “comes through the church”.

Agiannis took its name from the picturesque church of Agios Ioannis the Forerunner. The church of Agios Ioannis the Forerunner in Agiannis, a large historical monument worth visiting.

The visitor admires the centuries-old plane tree and the abundant icy water that springs just below the church and flows through five canals, one is very low, as if the water seems to come through the church.

The village “lived” with the abundant water of the precursor. the watermills were working. There were four watermills below the precursor in the row, Dikaios Makarounas, Kordonis, Papoulias Touris and Gardikiotis, under the church of Aelias and it was demolished, whoever remembers let him help>. Down near Agios Dimitrios in the stream there was also the watermill of Stavroulis. Also at the entrance of the village from Astros after the church of Agia Paraskevi there was a mill that worked, not with water, but with oil of Barba Lia Kolovos.

The water of the forerunner, the water of the forerunner was transported away to irrigate the “pergolas” and to live the Agiannites for many centuries.

The summers under the precursor were half the village in their pergolas, it was like a daily festival, some sang or shouted loudly to be heard by those who were far away and of course it was a place of social contacts for the young men and women of the village, somewhere they had to meet and start the sieges by the young people who then had the first say. The watermills ground the grains and at the same time at night they watered the pergolas just below the precursor in the “mills” and during the day the water went to the sougelos that reached Soulinari on the other side of the village. The water was also taken to the streets, it was plentiful, up to the valleys where there was no sugar. The waterers had the first say, but basically everyone went in order.

After the plane tree and before the big cistern there was a laundry room, where the women washed the bed linen and the clothes and generally the clothes of their family.

A few years ago I tried to go down to the “mills” but I could not go further than the second watermill of Kordonis, the paddles reached as far as Ai Lias opposite, now I do not know what is happening. Every year I see the efforts of the friends of the village to clean the paths. In the pergolas everyone had vegetables, tomatoes, zucchini, beans, cucumbers, okra, aubergines, corn, grapes, walnuts, quinces, almonds, apples and other fruits of all kinds. Literally the village “lived” from the forerunner. We do not have photos from the watermills of the village and from the pergolas of “Mylos”, whoever has something let us help. The walk in “Mylos” was once very picturesque and the friends of the village know it and will do something.

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“The power of water was used by humans as the driving force of mills to crush grain and produce flour.

The watermill or watermill is the first man-made production machine using a natural, mild and renewable energy source. With the power created by falling water from above or its flow and with the help of the wheel, an invention that changed human history, simple and then complex machines were moved, which covered most of the needs of pre-industrial societies, replacing the early machines. human or animal power (hand mills and animal mills), driving forces before water and air. [1] With the watermill and the help of the millstone they also ground the flour. “

The waterfalls of Lepida: Near Agiannis and Platanos

The waterfalls of Lepida: Near Agios Ioannis (Agiannis) and Platanos Kynouria / John Koutogiorgas

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