In the historic Astros of Kynouria ,in Karytsioti square “Here they had the Kolokotroneiko dinner in honor of Dimitrios Ypsilantis οn June 19, 1821 “

On June 19 – 20, 1821, the local  chiefs had a dinner, the well-known “Kolokotroneiko  dinner” in Astros to Prince Dimitrios Ypsilantis and important revolutionaries leaders  Theodoros Kolokotronis and others. in the farm of Karytsiotis under the hill, which still exists and dies slow, and in the area there is a relevant sign, next to the School of Karytsiotis of Astros (now Archaeological Museum of Astros). There, Panos Zafeiropoulos told Prince Ypsilantis that he had sworn not to cut or shave before the homeland was liberated. Then Ypsilantis asked him: “So you will stay Akouros ??”. This is how the well-known nickname “Akouros” came about. Zafeiropoulos, in fact, kept his oath.

Kolokotronis said at the dinner to Dimitrios Ypsilantis that here we eat with the “golden spoons and golden forks” which were the hands and the pumpkin cups …..

8) Η πλατεία Καρυτσιώτη – / John Koutogiorgas

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