In Astros: Event of the Plenary Session of the Bar Associations for the 200 years since the Revolution

ALL THE WORLD  KNOWS THE HISTORICAL ASTROS  FROM THE SECOND NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OF THE GREEKS and the event has been included in the official celebration program of the Commission “Greece 2021” and is under its auspices.

We welcome the Commission “Greece 2021” and the common mind, which will eventually prevail.

The “Holy Space” of the Second National Assembly of the Greeks is undoubtedly one of the most important historical monuments not only of Kynouria but also of our homeland.

“Greece 2021”

We are pleased to announce “The” Holy Place “of the 2nd National Assembly of the Greeks” and code GR-01724, IS HERE IN FRONT OF US,…

“No. Protocol: 4210

Dear Mr. Kourogiorgas,

We are pleased to confirm that we have received your proposal entitled “The” Holy Space “of the 2nd National Assembly of the Greeks” and code GR-01724, which we intend to include in a special edition that we are preparing and will include a description of all the proposals identified with the four axes of the Commission and which contribute to this common national undertaking on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Revolution of 1821. Your written consent for this publication, as provided in the current legislation, will be requested in the second year.

With regard to the possibility of the Commission supporting your proposal, we will contact you shortly after the final plenary session and the Commission’s assessment of the financial means available.

Thank you very much for your participation in the national call. “

Yours sincerely,

Eleni Kyprioti

Responsible for Managing Platform Proposals

Greece 2021 Committee

secretariat@greece2021.grT: 7002021000, 2160004001

We have institutionally asked our municipality and we are patiently and politely waiting for the common mind, which will one day finally  will prevail.

—– Original Message —–

From: [mailto:]

Sent: Saturday, December 12, 2020 11:58 PM


Subject: [Contact] website of our municipality

The user John Kourogiorgas

……. sent a message using the contact form to

We wish you happy holidays, happy new year and health.

When will you post, according to

your tourist program, on the website of the municipality two photos with two words, the sign of the “Sacred Space” of the 2nd National Assembly and the plaque of the Karytsiotis school in Agiannis;

Please give us the protocol number. Thank you.

John  Kourogiorgas

We got the A.P.

Protocol number: 16815 / 14-12-2020

How to do it  this.  many of our fellow citizens in the vast majority, let not all of our fellow citizens say, we do not believe that the most important sights of our municipality to be mentioned on the website of our municipality are the Port of Agios Andreas, the Greek (or Wall ), the ruins of the Castle of Oria, the Gorges of Mazia and Zarbanitsa, but they are much more important that should also be mentioned the two most important monuments of our municipality, the School of Karytsioti of Agiannis with its branch in Astros (which houses the museum Astros) and the “Holy Space” of the 2nd National Assembly of the Greeks, full stop.

See the disgrace of seven years in the following link from the website of our municipality. We show these and these are seen by our visiting friends. ‘Mercy now, Mr. Mayor, please implement your program or otherwise answer reasoned in accordance with the constitution and the legislation on Protocol number: 16815 / 14-12-2020. Enough…….

See the link below from Astros Kynouria News / John Koutogiorgas

Back to the home page “Αφιερώνεται στη Θυρεάτιδα Γή. Dedicated to Thyreatis Land.” 


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