Sampatiki beach and Argolikos, “if you were going there”.

 Leonidio is 50 km from Astros and on the road after Arkadiko Chorio there are many beaches Arkadiko, Kryoneri, Tyros Beach, Tigani, Lygeria, Livadi, Sampatiki, Thiopavto, Plaka, Poulithra, Fokianos

The “sun and the sea”, and the many beaches of the Argolic are enchanting. It is no coincidence that the locals out of admiration for the beaches of the Argolic, briefly let the visitor see with his own eyes and draw his own conclusions, “as you go there” you will see and enjoy the magic of nature… .. We do not need to tell you about the beauty of the Argolic.

This is what our ancestors used to say about the enchanting beach of Sampatiki, which took its name from the admiration of the locals; Next to Sampatiki beach are the also enchanting beaches of Thiopavto and Livadi.

About 8 km from Sampatiki is Leonidio and at a distance of 23 km hung on the rock and in its own way inaccessible, a symbol of Tsakonia, the holy monastery of Elona.

From the Greek Travel Pages


After Tyros on the road to Leonidio is the idyllic bay of Sampatiki on the south side of a small peninsula. With crystal clear waters and beautiful natural environment is probably the most beautiful beach of Arcadia. On the north side is the settlement of Livadi with a large nice beach. Sampatiki and Livadi are old fishing settlements and are inhabited mainly by the inhabitants of the nearby village of Pramatefti.

The beach of Sampatiki with its picturesque port and beautiful small settlement is an attraction for many vacationers in summer. On the beach is the church of Panagia, while in the bay many fishing boats moor. A common and picturesque image is the spreading of nets by fishermen along the beach.

Opposite is the smaller beach of Theopefto. On the other side of the hill, the beach of Livadi continues to the north until it merges with the slope, where there is a small beach of stunning beauty with rocks in the sea. Above on the slopes of the mountains are the villages of Melana and Pramatefti.

Nature is enchanting. In summer the traffic here is lively. In the area there are rooms for rent and taverns with good fish. At a short distance (5 km) is Leonidio. / John Koutogiorgas

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