12) Port of Agios Andreas and the ancient city of Anthini

Archaeological Sights and Museums of the Thyreatis Land

From our Municipality

The picturesque port of Agios Andreas at a distance of 3 km from the village overlooking the Myrtos Sea. Clear sea for all activities. The port does not have anarchic tourist development and offers relaxation and absolute tranquility. One beach has pebbles and stones and is the children’s favorite, while crossing the river is a second large beach with fine pebbles and transparent waters and a trademark of the ruined windmill that is in the water. The area is known to lovers of water sports, due to the winds, while south of the port there is a rocky shore suitable for spearfishing.

Next to the sea there is the “island of Agios Andreas” where one can see ruins of a cyclopean wall that belong according to the testimonies to the ancient city of Anthini. Parts of the outer precinct with towers of the 5th-4th century are preserved. e.g. Later the city was moved lower to the sea, where Late Roman ruins and additional fortifications from Byzantine times are preserved. Near the castle is preserved half a damaged arched stone bridge.

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