Barba Panos Katsianos and his wheel barrel, which Plastiras made a mess of.

“Panos Kon. Barlas or Katsianos plays the clarinet next to George Fot. Γαΐτάνης. “

The photo is from the website Θυρεατις γη (βορεια κυνουρια

Barba Panos Barlas or Katsianos was a real helper, without knowing who Epikouros was, who played the clarinet in Agianni in the fifties to entertain himself more and less his fellow villagers. His house was next to the traditional guesthouse “Fountas”

Barba Panos decided with his savings from the clarinet to acquire a ribbon, a small carpentry craft for the younger ones, next to his house which was a rock, so that he could easily supervise.

The work on the ribbon was done by his two older children, the work was good and they needed more space to expand their industry. Barba Panos supervised everything and caught a board in grace and appearance.

Then he decided to build a carriage, which was a larger cart, with two large wheels, to throw away the soil and rock that his children dug almost every day for about 20 years to grow the area of ​​the ribbon, where today is traditional hostel “tassel”.

Loufolias did a lot of work, for a glass of wine or 2-3 cigarettes, from time to time and for a plate of cuts. Loufolias, when he did not carry the trumpets from Karamatzanis alone today on the ribbon, very large wood for planks, carried by 2-3 people normally if Loufolias did not want, most of the time he worked the cart and threw the soil and the rocks outside the village, on the side of the road in Perdikoneri.

But Barba Panos was forward-thinking and had reserves.

Plastira was putting Giannis Koutivas to pick up other children and throwing some carts, because Loufolias would be drunk somewhere.

The plan was for everyone to push or pull the loaded body up to the peridoneri, you could see maggofa uphill, and on the way back everyone went up to the body and Plastiras confidently and confidently led the body downhill back to the ribbon quickly to catch up and we go many times… ..

One fine summer day, when I beat all the players of Plastira behind the school of Agiannis, we had to go late to the ribbon of Barba Panos, it was arranged.

We went out to the pond and gathered about a dozen children to help us take the carriage to the perdikoneri and the maggoufa uphill, mostly younger ones I do not remember now. Was it written that day to stop temporarily or for a few years…? Barba Panos’s plan to grow the ribbon, I think the program stopped that day.

Plastiras was driving the carriage full of children too fast, from his coffin that he lost the players earlier, a very big case, or because we were late, his carriage left at the turn that was the hut of Loufolias and the side over the Canelias’s house, fortunately no one died or was seriously injured and the wheels got lost in the paddocks in the mills under the forecourt, they are still rolling… and Barba Panos’ body became a mess.

Little by little, all of us limping and groaning, we kicked her under the lacquer, so that Barba Panos would not take us for granted, and we left him waiting for the carriage, which you could see, and other soils that he left necessarily and definitively for Founta.

Let us mention here something about the organ players and a nice story.

The ones I remember are Barba Panos Kon. Barlas or Katsianos ►8 on the clarinet that he always played with fun, in times of need his brother Barba Mitsios- Mitsiaronis also helped. Tassis Dikaios – Drapetis – on the lute, Marinos Aloupogiannis on the violin, Sakkas (Tassis Kon Barlas) on the pipe and Lampis Kampilis on the drum.

From the surrounding villages the most famous were Angelletos or Bahatis from Meligou on clarinet, barba Giannis Mourloukos or Seliverdes from Verneva on lute and Perrai from Platanos on violin.

But let’s say something about Barba Panos Katsianos. He was a very gentle and happy man with what he had. He told us that he had never been ill, had never had a headache and had never taken medication or aspirin. In the summer evenings we took him for chants to Agiannis guys then. He was very happy to play the clarinet with us for many hours.

Stratis Dalianis or Lokanikas, an old mayor, was collecting money from everyone to pay Barba Panos. I remember once he had a penny (50 drachmas) and he put it in a pocket of Barba Panos. After a while he would take it and put it in the other pocket and he did it all night to make Barba Pano believe that he was putting a lot of money into it.

Of course, Barba Panos understood that, but he continued the clarinet with joy the next day when he finally found it. the fifty asked us on the ribbon we were going when we were going to sing. He wanted to play the clarinet and enjoy watching everyone have fun.

At that time, at the festivals, everyone danced together in Agiorgis Square, let’s say without exaggeration, and 100 people danced together. Anyone who had money and was anxious – got into fun and threw something for the instruments.

Later, Bahatis from Meligou, after each dance after each song, played the clarinet for a long time to give him money to play and dance. This tuning had been exaggerated, which people no longer wanted, but it gradually became a habit for everyone.

Once it was Easter days and people were dancing in Agiorgi next to the mulberries and then the other organ players started playing for money and since no one was throwing anything because they could not, with the loud crowd, who usually spoke very slowly, hear it everyone, Barba Panos Katsianos, said: “You guys are dancing, let the world dance in the air, we are selling them !!!” and he started playing alone and then the others followed him what to do. ”

Since we mentioned our friend Plastiras, who greeted us for the other world, I remembered another short story. Plastiras, Stelios Katsianos, who also greeted us for the other world, Giannis my cousin Lefikis, and I Giannis the Lord, we had good company, we smoked in the house of Korobokos which was closed under Katsianos…. and at noon we went for nuts and cucumbers to the pergolas in the mills, everyone slept at noon and whoever gets the grace…. the guard Tsioros and Matzouranis did not catch us with anything., that we did not eat we played in the mantra of Prodromos until the final victory and at the end everything was taken by a lucky person of the day. My cousin John left for Canada when he was young and when he returned after many years he found his company. old friend and after they kissed warmly he said.

Look at “the chief thief <he meant the nuts ,,,> they called him chief warden” and they started laughing non-stop that they remembered our glorious days ..

I do not think it resembles anything today ……… / John Koutogiorgas

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