Paralio Astros of Kynouria

“With the main feature of the area the” meeting “of the beautiful mountain with the sparkling sea, the Municipality of North Kynouria invites its visitors on a magical journey.”

From our Municipality

« One of the most famous summer resorts in the Peloponnese is experiencing rapid growth in recent years due to the short distance from the urban centers. It is 165 km from Athens and 49 from Tripoli. It has developed tourist infrastructure for every taste, kilometers of beaches with crystal clear waters and the possibility of marine activities. Area visitable all year round, ideal for weekends and three days. There is a Nautical Sailing Club in Paralio Astros, while there is a possibility of excursions to the islands of the Saronic Gulf and the villages of Kynouria. The picturesque natural harbor and the so-called “Island” by the locals with an incredible view of the Argolic Gulf are of special beauty. “Island” is the name of a part of the settlement that is built on the slopes of an asteroid hill. The houses in this part have retained their traditional color while at the top there is the famous medieval castle of Paralio Astros. Every summer in the small theater of the town there are many cultural events, while the sports activities are rich»

The most picturesque Paralio Astros, “the island” Paralio Astros, is perched on the hill and the ancients called the hill the “island”. Paralio Astros has nothing to envy from any Aegean island, it has it all, it is only two hours from Athens, it is very close “to the mountain” Parnonas, from its port the access to the “Aegean islands” is easy, is located close to the most important archaeological sites of our country and is very close to the historic Astros, the historic Agiannis and beautiful historical traditional villages.

For visitors Kynouria has a number of activities depending on the mood and physical endurance! Of course in summer the beaches of the area are full of life and invite the visitor to enjoy them. Portes, Atsiganos, Anavalos, Xiropigado, Heronissi, Arkadiko village and Kryoneri, are just some of the options we suggest! Those who wish to explore the beautiful waters of the area, can dive in the Arcadian village, Xiropigado and Paralio Astros.

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“The Aegean Islands” are beautiful and offer many attractions that we all “must” visit. After all, it is not a coincidence that the prevailing view <the Greek name Atlantis helps this view> that in the Aegean existed about 12,000 years ago and Atlantis <Atlantis> which was the center of the world ….. There are many ways we can visit Aegean.

From the picturesque port of Paralio Astros in the summer there are many cruises to the “Aegean islands Spetses, Hydra

Those interested in marine experiences and fishing can learn more on the page below.

Plan your fishing vacations in Greece or the South East Mediterranean sea

How to get there: From Athens airport follow the route to Athens, Corinth, Tripoli, exit to Argos (At the exit Sterna after Nemea), Argos, Tripoli (from the old road), exit to Astros (Left after the Mills), Astros.

Distances are from Astros, Paralio Astros is 4 km away from Astros

Astros is approximately 34 km from Argos, 33 km from Nafplio, 40 km from Tripoli, 48 km from Leonidio, 82 km from Sparta, 90 km from Mystras, 170 km from Athens and 200 km from Athens Airport.

In Astros and Paralio Astros there are many hotels and restaurants with traditional food, as in most neighboring villages.

Other options for Accommodation / Food: it is in Nafplio (33 km), in Tripoli (40 km),

Accommodation & Catering from the website of our municipality

 For health issues there is the Astros Health Center in Astros, also many clinics and in Tripoli the Panarkadiko Hospital (see useful telephone numbers)

Schools, kindergartens: In Astros there is a kindergarten, elementary and high school, also lessons are given by private teachers for foreign languages ​​and other subjects

Paralio Astros From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

«Paralio Astros is a seaside village in Arcadia. It belongs to the Municipality of North Kynouria and according to the national census of 2011 has a population of 1,043 inhabitants [2]. Formerly, the current existing Local Community of Paralio Astros (te as a Municipal District), was an independent Community, within the boundaries of the former Province of Kynouria

Paralio Astros Castle

The castle played an important role during the Turkish occupation. During the period of 1821, rich foreign merchants, brothers Zafeiropoulos (Konstantinos, Ioannis and Panagiotis), originally from Agios Ioannis, fortified the castle, building their houses there. On August 4, 1826, 1,200 soldiers locked inside the castle defeated the numerous army of Ibrahim who was besieging it. In 1833, Panos Zafeiropoulos (Akouros), dedicated the castle to the Kingdom of Greece and to King Otto. At the beginning of the 20th century, the castle was abandoned and deserted».

Panos Zafeiropoulos, was the most important Agiannitis before the revolution of 1821 and his contribution to Thyreatida Earth and his homeland is incalculable and went through the fine print of history.

“At the beginning of July 1826, the military corps of Panos Zafeiropoulos slaughtered 400 Arabs in an ambush set up by Mehmet aga of Tripoli. This was a very heavy blow to the Ottomans. That is why Ibrahim Pasha completely destroyed Agios Ioannis and the whole province of Agios Petros “

Ibrahim slaughtered and burned the whole Peloponnese, but he could never defeat Akuros, although he had been temporarily captured, not even in the castle of Paralio Astros, someone had to resist… and it is our great honor, this was Agiannitis Panagiotis Zafe Ακουρος).

 500 books were saved from the burning of the School, which were kept in 1827 in the house of Zafeiropoulaia (Castle of Paralio Astros). These books were, according to tradition, placed in an old wooden library located in the offices of the School. Many of these books have been saved and recorded today. These books were mostly texts of ancient philosophers and writers, ecclesiastical texts, textbooks of physics, mathematics, etc. “

The settlement of Paralio Astros has a long history with the first important settlement by the Aeginians who were fortified in Paralio Astros in 424 BC. The construction of this fortification project was stopped by the Athenians, who at the same time, led by Nikias, came to Thyrea, captured it and destroyed it. But the Aeginians also settled in Agiannis, as historians report that the Aeginites came from Aeginites. Before the revolution of 1821 the Agiannites brothers Zafeiropoulos and many Agiannites made the second large settlement in Paralio Astros, and today many names from Paralio Astros are Agiannitika names.

“In November 1824, the Zafeiropoulos brothers began the restoration work of the ruined Frankish Castle of Paralio Astros and were completed in August 1825. More than 200,000 groschen were spent on the construction (according to a report by the widow Euphrosyne). The Zafeiropoulos brothers now settled permanently in the Castle and were the first settlers of Paralio Astros. Many Agiannites followed them and settled permanently in Paralio Astros, between 1825 – 1828 and later. These were mainly fighters who belonged to his military corps. The first Agianni families that followed the Zafeiropouloi were indicative: the family of Paschos, Logothetis, Nikolaidis, Maroudis (some of its members), Zafeiris (some of its members), Koralli, Bortzou, Diamantis, Karabatsou, Konstantinos, Vasilitheou, Vasileinos, etc., as well as the Avrantini and Nestora families from Spetses. We receive information about the first inhabitants of Paralio Astros from the memoir of Agiannitis Michael Logothetis, who was also the first president of Paralio Astros and from electoral lists of 1871 & 1881. “

By extension we can say that the inhabitants of Agiannites, Astrinoi and Paraliotes are almost the same inhabitants.

 In the current area of ​​Paralio Astros before 1800 there were very few houses and in fact Paralio Astros was built from 1825 and later by the Agiannitis general Panos Zafeiropoulos, as our friends from Paralio  Astros, “BUILDER  OF PARALIO ASTROS ” honor with their statue in the central square.

Administrative changes of the Local Authorities of D. Thyreas, Prefecture of Arcadia

Government Gazette 16A – 24/05/1835 Establishment of the municipality based in the settlement of Agios Ioannis

Government Gazette 5A – 08/03/1841 The settlement of Astros is defined as the winter seat of the municipality, The settlement of Agios Ioannis is defined as the summer seat of the municipality


With the actions of the Zafeiropoulos, the settlement named Paralio Astros was annexed to the municipality of Thyreas in 1845.

Government Gazette 32A – 08/12/1845 The settlement is annexed to the municipality of Thyreas

Government Gazette 252A – 24/08/1912 The settlement is detached from the municipality of Thyreas and is designated as the seat of the community of Paralio Astros

It is no coincidence that in the electoral list of 1871 of “Common. Paralio ‘Astros’ is mentioned first by Anastasios Paschos from Agiannis , a landowner.

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From the Astros of the Sea  electoral list of 1871

(Από το Άστρος της Θαλάσσης εκλογικό κατάλογο του 1871,1881)

History. From the Astros of the Sea 

Κάστρο Παράλιου Άστρους – Ελληνικά Κάστρα –


Municipality of North Kynouria

Wikipedia the free encyclopedia


Astros of the Sea (Άστρος της Θαλάσσης / John Koutogiorgas / John Koutogiorgas

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