“We are close to everything and we have it all.”

The historic Astros of Kynouria is located on the west beach of the Argolic, where the above map shows the ancient city of Thyrea, south of the first city in Europe the historic Argos and the seat of the Mycenaean culture Mycenae.

Athens is 170 km, about two hours, the airport is about 200 km and Astros has the famous and best Attica climate.

In the historical Astros of Kynouria, Greece we have it all.
1) We are close to everything ..
2) We have the “sun and the sea” of the Argolic Gulf, with many enchanting beaches.
3) We have a great history and very important archeological monuments
4) We have Parnona, “our mountains and our castles “.
5) We are the” Mount Athos “of Southern Greece

We have our neighbors and  the appropriate infrastructure for holidays for all and for families

The historic Astros of Kynouria is not the center of the world, but “it is close to everything and we have it all”.

In the ancient Greek world Delphi was the navel of the earth.

Astros is very close to the most important Archaeological Sites and Museums of our country, which one day we should all visit, which are easily visited by many of our friends with day trips from Astros, when they choose Astros for the basis of their annual vacation.

 a. Most important Archaeological Sites and Museums in Greece. Palamidi in Nafplio (33 km), Turin 33 km, Mycenae (43 km), the Epidaurus Theater (70 km), Olympia (170 km), the Parthenon, the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum in Athens ( 170 km), Delphi (288 km) and Mystras (88 km).

b. We have with us easily accessible the “Aegean islands

c. We have many historical and traditional villages and our friends Tsakones who continue to speak ancient Greek.

2) The Argolic gulf and our beaches.

 We have the “sun and the sea” of the Argolic, with many enchanting beaches. We are a magical “island that has it all”. Let us repeat, we have with us easily accessible the “Aegean islands”.

Astros and Agiannis perfectly combine “the mountain and the sea” and that is why many prefer Astros for their holidays. The change of landscape from the blue of the sea to the green of the plain and the mountain, is a pleasant challenge for the demanding traveler who quickly gets bored of the monotonous scenery.

The picturesque “island” Paralio Astros is 4 km from Astros. The “island”, as the old people called the inhabited hill, has nothing to envy from any Aegean island, it has it all, it is only 2 hours from Athens and very close is the “mountain” Parnonas and its traditional villages, from its port the access to the “Aegean islands” is easy.

The Argolic has enchanting beaches and the “sun and the sea” of the Argolic is charming, Anyone who tries once comes again and becomes a permanent…. It is no coincidence that we have regular visitors from Germany, Italy, France, England and all of Greece. On the beach there is also the small German settlement. !!!

“The sun and the sea” of the Argolic gulf .

3) Archaeological and historical monuments.

We have a long history and very important archeological monuments, which undoubtedly played a catalytic importance for the organization and success of the liberation struggle.

The “Holy Space” of the Second National Assembly of the Greeks

“ At this place, the Second National Assembly of the Greeks met, March 30 – April 18, 1823 “,

In Astros, in 1823 AD, the Second National Assembly of the Greeks convened, with the main purpose of the revision and modernization of the Constitution which had been voted in 1822 AD, during the First National Assembly in Epidaurus, for this and was named “Law of Epidaurus”. The country now has a final Charter, which regulates all matters related to the establishment and operation of the state, institutions and the army. The revised Constitution, extremely progressive and pioneering for its time. The Assembly, in the model of the Constitutions of the French Revolution of 1789 AD, also drafted the “Declaration of the NW of the Greek Assembly”. The assembly responded with the proclamation, to the world and the greats of the time. “We are determined to become independent, as an autonomous and independent nation.” a little topical today…

The Karytsiotis School of Agiannis

 The school of Karytsiotis of Agiannis with its branch in Astros played a primary and decisive role for Agiannis to become the capital of the revolted Greece.

The founding inscription of the Karytsiotis School of Agiannis.


 Dimitris Karytsiotis built the famous school Karytsiotis the “university” in pre-revolutionary Greece in 1798 in Agiannis (17 km) and the branch of the school in 1805 in Astros. His contribution to the Thyroid Earth and the homeland is incalculable. Pre-revolutionary Greece had many small “hidden” and few open schools. One of the few obvious schools was the famous Karytsiotis School that was built in 1798, 23 years before the Greek revolution and this is of great importance. It was built on the hill Koutri of Agiannis Kynourias and was one of the few “universities” of our pre-revolutionary homeland and its students were from all over mainland Greece and our islands. Our great benefactor Dimitrios Karytsiotis, a powerful Agiannitis patriot of the Diaspora, found a way for the 400-year-old Turkish conquerors to allow the construction and operation of the school in Agiannis and the branch of the Karytsiotis school in Astros Kynourias.

The Archaeological Museum of Astros.

The Archaeological Museum of Astros has been housed since 1985 in the building of the Karytsiotis school (built in 1805), of local traditional style, lined with the stone wall, together with the courtyard that survives to this day the chimneys of the rooms of the boarding students and the also chanted separately neighboring “Sacred Space” of the Second National Assembly of the Greeks. It also has a large courtyard, which has been converted into an archeological park and exhibition. In the courtyard the visitor can admire two statues on a couch, of Herod Atticus and his wife, as well as columns and capitals of Corinthian style.

The space is modest, harmonious and imposing, “it is a museum in itself”.

The exhibition material of the Museum includes the following collections: Architectural members from the Villa of Herodes Atticus in Eva (Doliana Kynourias), finds, mainly ceramics from cemeteries of Hellenistic times, small objects and coins from various areas of Kynouria, inscriptions from various places

Agios Ioannis Kynourias: The “government” and Panos (Akouros) Zafeiropoulos

Agiannis was the capital of revolutionary Greece from August 22 to October 1, 1822. The “government” located very close to the Karytsiotis school of Agiannis was the seat of government.

Ibrahim slaughtered and burned the whole Peloponnese, but he could never defeat Akouros, although he had temporarily captured him, not even in the castle of Paralio Astros, someone had to resist and it is our great honor, this was Panagiotis Zafeiropoulos from Agianniti ( 500 books were saved from the burning of the School, which were kept in 1827 in the house of the Zafeiropouloi (Castle of Paralio Astros).

The “camp of the Bervena“, the historic Vervena and the historic Doliana

The battle of May 18, 1821 in historic Vervena and historic Doliana thwarted the dismantling of the camp in Vervena and the plan of the Turks. It also boosted the morale of the revolutionaries and paved the way for the fall of Tripoli.

Undoubtedly the “camp of the Berbens” played a catalytic role in the organization and success of the liberation struggle. From the “camp of the historical Bervens” the liberation of our homeland began essentially and militarily.

4) Our mountains and castles .

We have Parnonas, “our mountains and our castles”.

Much of North Kynouria, but also a natural border to the west to Laconia is the mountain range of Parnon. Parnonas or Malevos delineates to the middle the borders of the prefectures of Arcadia and Laconia and its southern extension reaches the cape of Malea. Its name is very ancient and comes from the same root as the names of the mountains Parnitha and Parnassos, denoting “the shining peak”, from the rising sun or the moon. Its highest peak is Megali Tourla (1.93B meters], while on its ridge there are several mountain peaks, whose altitude exceeds 1500 meters.

The name Parnonas means bright glow, from the light of the sun or from the light of the moon.

Castles, we have many castles…

Castle Estella or Castle Oria near Agiannis “ suso en law montanyas”  

Paralio Astros Castle or Zafeiropoulos

5) Monasteries and churches

 We are the “Mount Athos” of Southern Greece

 Parnonas: the “Mount Athos” of Southern Greece Dozens of monasteries of Parnonas, sometimes rooted in steep cliffs, roots of the faith and soul of Christianity and sometimes on hills, ascension to the uncle and the dream. Founded for many centuries, they are a complex part of the history of the place, high examples of architecture, places of mental euphoria and rejoicing, paths of redemption and hope.

Monasteries of the Municipality of North Kynouria, distances from Astros.

Holy Monastery of Loukous 4km, Holy Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Palaiopanagia 6 km, Holy Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Malevi 26 km, Holy Monastery of Timios Prodromos Perdikovris 37 km, Holy Monastery of Panagia Artokasos Kotonas 20 km in Leonidio (64km), and Mystras 90km We have the right infrastructure for holidays for everyone and for families. In the historic Astros of Kynouria we have it all.

We have the right infrastructure for holidays for everyone and for families.

In the historic Astros of Kynouria we have it all.

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