Historical monuments. Ιn Tripoli the old man of Moria

Tripoli is 40 km away from Astros, it is the capital of the prefecture of Arcadia, it is located in the center of the Peloponnese and has a lot to offer. The people of Tripoli boast about their beautiful city and typically add “we have the largest square in Greece” which is Areos square and there is the imposing statue of the old man of Moria. At the edge of the square west and east there are other statues of the heroes of 1821 and north of the courthouse with the statues of the judges who refused to try the old man of Moria Anastasios Polyzoides and Georgios Tertsetis, timeless symbols of the struggle for independent justice.

The entire Areos square, the “largest square in Greece”, belongs exclusively to Theodoros Kolokotronis, period and pavilion. The people of Tripoli deserve the congratulations of all for the incomparable and admirable way they present their subject, “we all bow humbly” to the unique Theodoros Kolokotronis, everything is his and he deserves everything.

Theodoros Kolokotronis in Areos square <not in Kolokotroni square> in Tripoli.

Anastasios Polyzoidis and Georgios Tertsetis: timeless symbols of the struggle for independent justice.


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There were only two judges who stood up and refused to sentence Theodoros Kolokotronis to death in the much-praised trial of the fighters of the Greek Revolution in Nafplio, in 1834: Anastasios Polyzoides and Georgios Tertsetis.

Anastasios Polyzoidis

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It is reported that he took part in the First National Assembly of Epidaurus (although this is not confirmed by the Minutes [7]). He was the main author (Alexandros Mavrokordatos also participated) of the Declaration of Independence of Greece, which was included as such in the Provisional Government of Greece, which was also the first constitution of the state “


George Tertsetis

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“In 1832 he was appointed by the Duchy as a member of the five-member court of Nafplio that tried Kolokotronis, Plapoutas and others. Tertsetis then together with the president of the court Anastasios Polyzoidis, knowing very well the innocence of the accused, refused to sign the decision to sentence them to death by beheading for ultimate betrayal.

The spirit of his morals and the values ​​of his humanist are shown by the following excerpt of the speech he delivered during this trial:

“I am not from Sparta, I am not an Athenian, my homeland is all of Greece. This is how the brave Plutarch expresses himself, he is almost two thousand years old, in one of his books. We were born in a happier time, that is, when religion and philosophy enlightened, proclaimed, sealed the doctrine of love and equality, we can say that we are neither from Greece, nor from Italy, nor from Germany, nor from England, our homeland do we have the human race. As much earth as the beautiful ether embraces is our dear homeland.

This move caused their final cessation, imprisonment and brutal abuse by the Regency. “


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The statue of Kolokotronis in Tripoli, in Areos square

From Kalimera Arcadia

“No matter how many times you see him, only the statue of the Old Man of Moria, in the big square of Tripoli, Areos square, can cause you awe.

The equestrian statue of Theodoros Kolokotronis, is 12 m high and is the work of the sculptor Fanis Sakellariou. “


Tripoli, Greece

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